Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Lost in wonder in the cloud of pessimissm

The sense of pessimism all around is contagious and unless you are an ostrich with the head inside a hole by now the reasons for the economy and the shape that it is in should be easily understood. It also leads to the fact that competence is critical for success and posturing will remain just that.

In all this the average man chooses to be in a virtual cocoon unless he is affected by what is going on around him. Political high handedness, religious and or caste based violence, job losses, falling or failing businesses, sexual violence and crimes the list goes on but they are reduced to scrolling tickers on news screens and life just goes on for those who are untouched by it all.

This made me ponder and many questions came up in no particular order:

  • Can anyone be really untouched by what goes around in this connected world?
  • Can someone feign ignorance because of possibly the distance or the demographics of the people who are affected?
  • Have we become insular to that point that we ignore everything beyond the bridge of our noses?
  • Will we just remain in the fringe eating popcorn and watching the spectacle unfold before us no matter how heart wrenching or unfortunate they may be?
  • Is this the time of simply I, Me and Myself only?Has life reduced to simple transactions and relationships become transactional?
  • Have we changed for better or for worse?
  • Have we started looking so deep inward that our myopia has become pronounced to the point of complete blindness?
  • Have we lost simple things called empathy, kindness, love and concern in this narcissism 
  • Have we ceased being human?

I wonder and you should do, the day we stop wondering, we will stop living.

P.S. i googled Lost in wonder and i got this image now wondering what it means

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