Thursday, August 06, 2020

The aftermath...

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is something that stuck with me from my MBA needs. We learnt this as part of Organizational Behaviour and how motivation revolved around people finding themselves at different level of needs and so the motivation strategies should be aligned with the level the person is in currently. 
If the theory is new to you I will lay it out in simple terms. Man begins with physiological needs, physiological means basic needs to survive like air, water, food, shelter, clothes and reproduction. When a man is not having food to eat will a movie ticket that cannot be sold enthuse him? If you see the image once man achieves his need in one level, he strives to move ahead to the next level. This ascent is natural and ends at the fifth level when man achieves what is called self-actualization where he will be in nirvana and will renounce everything around him. Few achieve stage five, many are content with one of the lower levels and this is normal. What is abnormal is jumping levels to satisfy ones needs with the wrong wants. 

If this is confusing let me simplify. Yesterday was a day that was a blot on the country and I will not go deep into the same stopping with the fact that equating the temple movement to the independence struggle shows how little our nation in its present form means to people. If you look back at the start of the lockdown two needs of people were cast aside for another fundamental need of survival. The need to survive from a deadly disease was paramount and to that end other needs were kept aside; the fact that many died of hunger than the disease itself due to the reasons we saw became a footnote in the larger story. Two needs education and religion were knocked off their high pedestal and relegated to one corner in the fight against the disease because education would probably fall in level 2 and religion in level 3 and both come into play if the individual survives. 

Politics today has transformed into offering things at higher levels to people who are still at level one and a great many have fallen for it. Religion, nationalism are needs to those who are having food to eat, a place to sleep, a job to ensure that there is a tomorrow, clothes to cover the nakedness and support to reproduce to grow another generation. To a great majority of those who do not have one or more of the above, what use is religion or nationalism? Why does development and prosperity remain with those who already have it and now aspire for higher things; these people are denying the basic necessities to the have-nots? Will a building or a non-secular nation bring a nation of no hunger?

The NEP may have its merits but our former Tamil Nadu chief ministers have shown with their policies of free food in schools that education to a empty stomach is meaningless. The student needs a sound body to build a sound mind. Our state is the leader in education and the rest of the country can take a leaf out of  Tamil Nadu book. If the nation must grow, it needs to put first things first. Remember when we fall sick we run to a hospital, for  treatment and then fall on our knees in prayer.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Whats that smell???

You walk into a party and the person next to you smells of Hugo Boss but you like Sauvage, you actually cannot stand Boss, what will you do? Remember you do not know the person well, nor do you have any care for his well-being. It is just that you are sure that your Sauvage is always superior to his Boss. Would you then…

-         Probably go and tell him have you tried Sauvage? Or why don’t you try Sauvage because of its merits?
-          Probably gift him a bottle of Sauvage for an upcoming event so that he can try it for himself and see the benefits?
-     Probably call people together and say everyone smell his Boss and my Sauvage and tell everyone which is better? It better be Sauvage.
-          Probably go and tell him, you will not wear Boss because you think that Boss is not good and more importantly Boss offends you?
-     Probably just grin and bear it
Probably move far away where Boss does not offend you so much because the guy is not worth it? 
Probably go and ask him what made him choose Boss and try it our for yourself?
If you do any of the above and it works for you congratulations, you have superior olfactory and people skills. If none of them work and the other is still using Boss, it is high time to get a life and work on it. Work on YOUR life.

P.S. Read the post again and replace Sauvage and Boss with your preferred food, language, religion, habits. It may still work.
P.P.S I don’t use perfumes I am told that Boss and Sauvage are among the top perfumes for men.

Monday, July 06, 2020

On a day like today

On a day when we have moved up to third place in the Global Hall of Infamy, when some experts are claiming that the virus is airborne and masks may be needed indoors, we have started Unlock 2.0

In the absence of a viable cure and the highly suspect efficiency of the upcoming vaccines that are to be launched on Independence Day the only option seems to be locking up but it is not possible as it is now about the real type of survival, the fight to put food on the table. COVID then will have to take second place only.

The news in Chennai right now is that the traffic is heavy and people are back to work with a vengeance. The heart goes out to all the professionals whose professions have disappeared overnight with little chance of resuming in the old formats. Bookmyshow for instance is now trying hard to sell me tickets to so many events including some happening from people’s homes.

Personally I feel we should accept the situation for what it is and with that acceptance we use the following to go ahead:

-         Fear: the fear of the virus is genuine and should remain to guide everyone from dropping their guard not only for themselves but for their loved ones
       Awareness: the heightened self-awareness about personal spaces of self and the neighbour along with hygiene will be some of the best takeaways that this experience will give us
       Caution: gone is the general carelessness of old, measured activities, reduced risks and greater caution is showing in safer environments and it is not just about the virus
      Positivity: a little positivity never hurt anyone, so lots of it can be a boost, we know that we have come so far and we have long to go, so let’s be positive about it. The good news in this pandemic is the large number of recoveries and every recovery adds to the positivity.  
     Faith: whatever you may choose to believe in: a divine power, parents, idols, mendicants, god-men, doctors or just self, hold on to it. In times of trial we all look for something to hold on to.
      Hope: life is built on hope, we hope that we will not fall sick but if we do we hope that we will get better. When we lose hope, life is less about living. Hope comes from positivity &/ faith. Hope gives direction.
     Gratitude: to be thankful for every mercy that we have received and will continue to receive, to be grateful to be able to give as much or even more as we have received
      Love: the world can never have enough of it; to love another as one loves himself (self-love is important) will make the world a better place for all.

The aftermath...

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is something that stuck with me from my MBA needs. We learnt this as part of Organizational Behaviour and...