Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PDA in Chennai

I have been pleasantly surprised by PDAs on the roads of namma Chennai recently. For the uninitiated, the PDAs under discussion are not the gadgets that disappeared with the advent of the smart phones like the pagers (remember them) but Public Display of Affection. These will be the type that would set off the moral police into a tizzy. For further understanding you can watch this.

One interesting addition to the usual boy & girl combination that I noticed was a two wheeler. In one instance a girl gave a big hug to a boy on the bike on the road, in another a girl riding a scooter turned back, kissed the boy behind and drove on without pausing a moment. I watched with amusement that girls are taking the initiative even if it has to be on the road.

Genuine acts of affection should not raise eyebrows or stir up the moral brigades even if they are public but when they go overboard it will be better to get a room or at least a car. ; )



 (Images courtesy Google Images, video courtesy Youtube)




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Divia said...

I thot you were going somewhere and suddenly the post ended.

Yes its good to be spontaneous but in tamizh you have something called இடம் பொருள் ஏவல் which defines your actions, if it confines to these you don't have to be worried about moral polices.