Friday, April 19, 2013

Some more unanswered questions

My last post was on the death penalty and I realized that I ended up on the wrong side of the spectrum I wanted to discuss. However the comments from the readers opened my perspective and I realized that though not intended to speak for the family of the accused they also leave behind at times a destitute legacy.

The comments from my readers made me think further and wonder if justice is indeed retribution to the family of the victims. Those accused of violent crime have broken families, orphaned children, widowed brides and whether they face the gallows or not, the future sufferings of the families of the victims will remain unmitigated.

Of what use is this sentence to an orphaned child? Will justice care for him / her? Those who vehemently support for the lives of the accused can spend some time to mitigate the suffering of the victims. An eye for an eye does not work anymore but it makes you wonder if this is the reason for crime to go about unchecked. Is justice really justice for the victim if it will not ensure any compensation for the loss suffered?

I am disturbed by this because I have given a few claim payments to the nominees of deceased policy holders and usually this payment will be the only recourse they had and even this was available because some kind soul sold this insurance when they did not perceive the need.
Death throws up so many challenges for those still living...

R.I.P. Really?

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