Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let there be peace on earth

Peace be with you...

A beautiful song that is a part of the carol singers’ ensemble but it can be used any time of the year, by everyone. 

Peace begins from inside and then spreads everywhere.  The sign of peace should come out from the confines of churches to the roads where road rage is becoming very common and people are even being killed because of rage.

“Let there be peace on earth” is being used by the Chennai Traffic police for a campaign that asks people to spread peace by not honking. Yes you read that right. Let there be peace on earth so please stop using your horn.Road rage, indiscipline and impatience are making motorists abuse their horns these days. A horn is used to warn others of the oncoming vehicle and is required especially to ward of jay walkers or when there is a curve on the road but why would anyone want to use the horn when the traffic is at a standstill? 

In a city where traffic jams are common and many of these jams are caused because of indiscipline is there any use of blaring the horns? Will that help in clearing the traffic? There have been days when I have given the wheel to D and waded in to the traffic jam and regulated the vehicles to restore the flow. Usually it takes one person to start and few others join with just an unspoken acknowledgement. For people like me to get the jam cleared by regulating traffic when a policeman is not available is the most obvious solution. But for many the only way out of a jam is to use the horn.

They say empty vessels make more noise...

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Susan Deborah said...

Some of them like only 'piece' but you speak of peace! When in Chennai traffic, it's a miracle if you are in one piece when you return home with peace of mind, of course.

So, instead of peace on earth, let there be peace on our mind while driving.

Wishing you eternal peace,

Anonymous said...

Agree. Peace of mind in every day life is hard to achieve.

Clement Williams said...

@ Susan Deborah: Fair point and the radio helps in this

@ Neelamhere: Nice of you to pass by