Saturday, July 12, 2008

Superstar Ver. X.01

Hi. Been a little busy, so haven't posted in some time. Capt. Jack sparrow had been raving about the newest dancing superstar.Don't know where he finds these, but after his constant recommendations I found this on Youtube some time ago.

Frankly I have no words to describe this... but I think you may.

PS: He is called Sam Anderson, more of the same on Youtube, don't miss the In da club & sivaji mix version.


Daisy Blue said...

Oh no ! I got this forward!!N I was dumb struck!!!!!

Zee said...

oh my god!!! totally oscar winning!!!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

whoaaaa!!! how the hell was tat done?? i'm zapped!

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Jolly, you should read the comments in the Youtube videos!!! Abi and I literally burst our tummies laughing!!! That guy has guts!!!