Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tagged again! Can you believe it?

Got tagged by Dhanya! I like her blog so I took it up. A bunch of questions with answers that will give you an insight into me. If they don't you still have another 145 posts to read and find out....

I am: ME!
I think: still thinking…
I know: that life is a circle
I want: to retire ASAP
I have: more than bare necessities
I wish: for an ideal world
I hate: deception
I miss: days gone by
I fear: stagnation
I feel: that I can conquer the world if only I get off my chair
I hear: french fries cooking (D at work)
I smell: sandalwood (D used the room freshner)
I crave: for a good book, some munchies and a comfy couch
I search: for above mentioned but list not completed
I wonder: why people do the things they do
I regret: very long list, add to the annexure below
I love: D, Family, home, Melissa…..
I ache: in my back after a long drive, in my eyes after too much PC,….
I care: for those I love
I am not: YOU
I believe: in God
I dance: to my tune
I sing: without a care in the world but always in tune
I cry: when words are not enough to express grief
I don’t always: try hard enough
I fight: for what I believe is right
I write: check my blog headline, replace blog with write
I win: when I decide to
I lose: all other times
I never: go against my values
I always:
I confuse: myself very often with the ideal world and the real world
I listen: less than I speak, whenever I stop speaking that is
I can usually be found: at home
I am scared: that I may give up half way
I need: typing out a long annexure, not able to fit into this post
I am happy about: my history (cant rewrite it, so what the heck?)

Now since I have just tagged a few people earlier, this is an open tag. Everyone is invited!


OldSailor said...

I appreciate: your frankness.

Dhanya said...

Thanks a lot for taking it up so promptly :)
n do keep some french fries for me too.. I love that ;)

Vandita said...

Mann aka Bubbles' new post
she asked me to drop the link to everyone on her blogroll