Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The pursuit of happiness

I have not seen the Will Smith movie (surprisingly spelt happyness), but the reviews said that it was ‘tear-jerkingly’ good. Anyway one sure fire way to pursue happiness was a philosophical statement by D. In all fairness I have read the same elsewhere and maybe D did too, but how many of us bring back the knowledge gleaned from various sources when needed and more importantly put it to use?

She said that (I have rephrased a little) “Happiness in life is being satisfied with what we have as we are better off than so many others than being sad with what we don’t have like a few others” another version goes “Always compare yourself with those who are worse off than yourself and feel grateful instead of comparing yourself with those better off and feel dreadful”. Its amazing how profound thoughts of wisdom come at the most unexpected times and places. It was close to midnight and we suddenly felt a little bit hungry (both of us had finished a few phone calls that stretched way beyond our bed time). (After my MBA days I don’t remember midnight snacking). So I decided to get dosas from Kathick Tiffin Center. (If you are from Annanagar, you would have surely heard of it). Anyway after the snack D remarked how blessed we were to be able to afford a midnight snack after the usual dinner when so many others are going to bed hungry or just sustaining on a single square meal a day.

PS: Do check out D’s new blog. It is also a pursuit of happiness.


The Pseudonym said...

Karthicks is awesome man.

Well it is in human nature to look above and want more rather than to look below and be happy about where we are.

Animated Junk said...

i feel it wud sumhow be better to neither look above or below n jus be content with the now

Daisy Blue said...

Well,it is a indeed a very good movie !!
Btw Its scribbler with a new name..