Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why should you blog??

Regular blogging

could improve

your social life

SOCIAL WEB: After two months of blogging, people felt they had better social support, said the study.

Sydney: A new Australian study has found that blogging can boost people’s social life, by making them feel less isolated, more connected to a community and more satisfied with their friendships, both online and personally.

This evidence is the result of two related studies, conducted by the Swinburne University Technology in Melbourne, Australia, which found that after two months of regular blogging, people felt they had better social support and friendship networks than those who didn't blog.

In the first study, researchers Susan Moore and James Baker compared the mental health of people intending to blog with that of people not planning to blog.

The study, published in the latest issue of the journal CyberPsychology and Behaviour, involved messaging 600 MySpace users a survey link; of which 134 completed the survey, 84 intended to blog and 50 didn't.

"We found potential bloggers were less satisfied with their friendships and they felt less socially integrated, they didn't feel as much part of a community as the people who weren't interested in blogging ... they were also more likely to use venting or expressing your emotions as a way of coping," News in Science quoted Moore, as saying.

"It was as if they were saying 'I'm going to do this blogging and it's going to help me," she added.

The follow-up study, which is yet to be published, was conducted after two months and was sent to the same group of users; only 59 individuals responded.

Those that originally intended to blog reported feeling more satisfied socially as a result of being a part of a group of like-minded individuals. Those same individuals expressed a feeling that they could rely on others for help as well.

On the whole, all MySpace users contacted felt more at ease and less stressed after spending two months of steady social networking on the popular site.

"So going onto MySpace had lifted the mood of all participants in some way. Maybe they'd just made more social connections," Moore said.

After 100 odd posts, I have got a new reason to go for the next 100!


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

lolz... like you ever needed a reason anyway?! lolz... but its so cool reading this because honestly a lot of reseach has gone into it... i think it also makes us a lot more confident in the way we express ourselves...

Trinity said...

hopefully i will have the opportunity to read your blogs always... sans reason! :)

love you dear and your writing

Chriz said...

thats true.. blogging has improved my personal life indeed.. such a pain releiver when i am down.. and it always feels good to read many blogs to have a feel of different emotional balances. very good post

Gayatri said...

this is your 100th post eh? *whistles* =)

and yes, online fraainships rawk i say. \m/

=D =D

Chriz said...

hahaha... 100th post? you already did your 100th post.. hey gaya3.. you are confoosing me... and roger bhaaaai! waiting for your next post

Still Searching said...

Awesome! Congrats on 100th post! :)

JollyRoger said...

@ Gayatri and still searching: 100 odd = 127 posts before this one. But thanks for your wishes.

@ Chriz: Have a new post, I'm sure u will like