Monday, January 21, 2008

Lift me up!

Would it not be wonderful if we could just go up in life with the mere press of a button? You may have seen the Close Encounters series and so many movies that have expounded time travel but till date I don’t know if any one has imagined a device that can take you up or down in life with the flick of a switch. (Going by the news, the stock market is a good option) That would make many social upliftment agencies jobless.

To all the whiz kids out there here is the challenge try making something that will change the social status of people in a jiffy. Till then the nearest invention to take people up or down is the humble elevator.

Call it life if you please but the elevator is one sure fire way to get a paunch if you use it every time. Nothing beats a brisk walk up or down the stairs, just switch on DD Sports in the morning where an instructor would be extolling the virtues of step exercises every other day. But the bottom line is take the stairs every day it may be the only exercise you do.

Why this post on elevators?
(Choose the best answer from all the below mentioned true probabilities)
1) I take the elevator to go up everyday (I walk down each time for obvious reasons, don’t I practice what I preach at least 50 %?) to office. This lift has the jerkiest journey for the short journey of two floors. It jumps and drops before coming to a halt and sometimes I wonder if it could be traded off for one of the rides in MGM Dizzee World (note that they choose to call the place dizzy). I fear to ride it on a bad tummy day.

2) In one of my earlier jobs the lift dropped from 4 floors above and landed with a resounding crash on the dampener springs in the basement. Luckily the occupants were tightly packed like sardines and they came out unhurt. I generally enter lifts with a little trepidation. Give me an escalator anytime, like the TVS 50 if the petrol dries up you can at least cycle to your destination.

3) I visit the HO of the PSU banks every other day, there you will see one lift for the top management to travel in exclusivity while mere mortals like me and other clients have to wait for the normal lifts. Somebody forgot to tell these banks that “The customer is King”
The innumerable songs, fights, romantic interludes and whatever have you that are shot always in conveniently large lifts where one good looking hero finds himself with a glamorous babe a power cut happens and …… They have enough space to even do a little salsa if the dances master so desires. Of course producer willing you will have a dream sequence in some foreign locale but that is as far away from the subject as I am currently.

4) A wonderful ad by Vodafone which if you have not seen till date, is a must watch.

(The answer is a no-brainer)

PS: Such things happen only in ads and movies while poor me while traveling in a lift will be sandwiched between other poor souls like me in all shapes, sizes and smells that a power failure will be something I would not wish on anyone maybe on those morons who spit at every instance. Pity I never met D in a lift, even more pity I did not meet any hot babe before D. ; )


Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

lolz... i always walk it to college, n walk up d stairs 2 my class on d 5th floor... bk dwn 4 lunch... bk up agn... n walk bk home... tats all d workout i do... [:P] n i love it cz it gives me time 2 observe n gt my thots 2gthr...

Still searching said...

The cartoons are hilarious! I remember there was a time in office when we all became health freaks and decided to take the stairs up 5 floors, and I remember being totally out of breath! It was very difficult at first, but then got better, and then I quit! (that had nothing to do with climbing 5 storeys ofcourse!)

Zee said...

hey i think i blogged with a same title :)

lifts are scary....esp's rickety rockety and the only thing that gets me up to my 10th floor office!

and yes the wait for the lift is pathetic....i wait a good 5-10 mins to get place to step in...and always take the stairs down in the evenings coz the lifts are jam packed and there's a waiting on every floor!!!

love the vodafone ad....all the VAS ones actually

PurpleHeart said...

We get this mail all the time to enlighten us on how good it is to forgo lift and adopt the stairs ! Time to think. Good one !

Life Rocks!!! said...

I feel ok with our office lifts but when I see those old lifts that you have to pull open 2 doors to get in, I get cold feet!

lemonade said...

lol..ur wife's gonna get you for that last comment! :P

Princess Banter said...

At work, we got one of those express elevators that take you all the way to the 20th floor in a minute -- and it always hurts my ears :P

At home, in my apartment building, the elevator skips floors. And I absolutely hate it when people take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Walk, you bloody idiot!

mathew said...

awesome cartoons..and esp loved the vodafone i ll have to wait for that astrology prediction..hope they say dont say that you will find one under the swimming pool!! ;-P

Chriz said...

even i want to go up in my weight...