Monday, January 14, 2008

Painful politicians

I hate Mr. Bad Man of Gujarat. I have no political leanings but you don’t need to make your decision just from the mudslinging by assorted political goons who are no lesser devils. I hate him for all the hardship he has been a cause of. Till date my dislike for him was nurtured and grown by the many new channels which tend to glorify crime for want of eyeballs. For them he is an angel and a devil. If you are still wondering who, this person has no “modi”cum of brotherhood of mankind in him. To the nay-sayers there can be no smoke without fire and the raging fires in Gujarat should be testimony enough.
But why this sudden hate mail today?

He chooses to pay a visit to Chennai on a Monday morning to keep a lunch date with Amma (not the god man kind, though her sycophants have deified the lady of the two leaves ages ago) today. What do you get? Kilometers of choked traffic: to ensure our “good” man gets to break bread on time. What he chooses to conveniently forget like many other VIPs(not velai illa paiyan * however appropriate it may sound) is that they delay many breadwinners from reaching their workplace on time sometimes causing a loss of pay for the poor citizens. It is sad that the public servants who became important because of the voters don’t even spare a thought for the voter after the election is over. If these two wonderful souls must have their Pongal lunch then why not have it on Pongal day when the rest of the state enjoys a holiday invariably in the confines of their homes, not to mention giving a respite to the poor cops who by virtue of doing security service duties have become ordinary watchmen.

Today I was stuck in traffic for the better part of an hour, thankfully I did not have a prior appointment else I would have had the ignominy of having to apologize for my tardiness. But the famous lunch date also increased my resolve to stick to my resolution for some years to come – to avoid personal transport whenever possible and use the public transport. Actually the Nano launch scared me into it initially but I have found that by actually planning well I can get to my destinations comfortably, on time, with lesser pollution at a much lesser cost and a very stable blood pressure. The additional spin off is that I get to shift my lazy posterior around on foot. It has been ages since I last walked anywhere, now I have been walking up and down the railway stairs, walking to and from the station or the bus stand and generally doing myself a world of good.

Try it, you may do good to yourself and the world too. As for he man himself, given a chance don’t vote for him.

* jobless fellow


Still searching said...

At first I was not sure if I knew where you were going with this, because I think there are various reasons why Modi did what he did etc, but thank God this post is not about that! I like the social comment and yes, I think using public transport should be the next thing... I hope to use the Delhi Metro when I'm in Delhi so that I dont have to wait in traffic jams for hours! I used to take the office cab too so that it saves me some stress and is also like a car pool..

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

its funny how an aam aadmi stands in the elections to uphold his aam ideals for the aam janta and manages to make aam ka achar when it comes to things like these... sheesh...

Trinity said...

our tn governor is the real aam aadmi. He was the cheif guest for one of our office conference and we had to do our inaugral at 11 as he refused to come before that as he would coz traffic hold ups.this was inspite of senior foreign delegates waiting for him!

People before everything
Hats off Singhji!

PurpleHeart said...

Any topic on Gujarat/Hindutva wld ultimately lead to references to this man. Bad, I know, but he shockingly has managed to hold people under his sleeves. I hate him too !

Gayatri said...

my political view : non existant! =D

so alright, i'm just nodding along to every word here!

Zee said...

i hate him too......and all the vips who zip across delhi with commando cars who bully u to one side of the road!