Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Justice is blind

Themis, Goddess of Justice

Justice is blind; like the goddess above who represents justice. All are equal before law and justice is not partial to wealth, power, fame etc. However farcial it may sound that is the basic premise and the fundamental principle of justice in our country and in most other countries too. Ground realities may be far from this but hey we are in no ideal world.

What sparked off this post then?

Yesterday I realized that it is not just justice that is blind but the custodian Mr. Justice, who is also blind. I am speaking of the judges of the Chennai High court who have all been provided with Honda City cars for their official use. These white cars are distinctive with the ubiquitous red light on top and a plaque bearing the crest of the Tamilnadu Government with the legend "High Court Judge" at the bottom.

Every day these cars and their occupants are blind to every traffic signal and rules. It is so common to see the common man break the traffic rules but when the custodians of law do the same it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. You may argue that the driver of the car may not equal the judge, but have we not heard that the accomplice to the crime is equally guilty? Just because his lordship is sitting in the back seat with his leg crossed reading the newspaper, does not absolve him of any part of the crime his driver commits every day.

If you were to drive towards Adyar on the Greenways road in the morning at around 10 AM you would invariably see one judge after another jumping stop lines, yellow lines and traffic lights.

Father, forgive them; they see not what they do. Justice is blind.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

If you drive a car....

Hey this is my first video upload. Thank you blogger for making it so easy and belated 8th birthday greetings to you.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bad donkey, small wall.

This was a crude translation of a proverb that comedian Karunas (as pointed out by Chriz) made famous in one movie. The Tamil original runs thus, “Kazhutha ketta, kutti suvaru” so you have the translation.

I heard that line somewhere and I wondered especially having heard the translation as to what could have been the origin of the proverb. Any ideas?

PS: I Googled it and did find something.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Talent show?

Ever since I saw an episode of yet another voice (talent) hunt rather tragically misnamed as Voice of India, I was bursting to blog. The show and all others of its genre are crap to put it mildly and are collectively a farce that is produced and thrust on an audience that is often swayed by the tiniest of all gimmicks.

Firstly the show was hosted by a singer of some note, a wannabe pop star and a failed actor whose biggest claim to fame will be the airtime on such shows. The judges were worse, we had Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt, Annu Malik, Alka Yagnik and Jatin / Lalit. Now before proceeding any further what credentials do the Bhatts have to be part of a jury, this is not a fashion pageant where every Tom, Dick and Harry can endure the inanities mouthed by the contestants with intensely plastic smiles and designer garments and pass judgment. This is supposed to be a genuine talent contest where participants are generally expected to have some music training, so who qualified these judges?

Secondly the contestants are judged by a mockery of a jury with the 3 minutes or so they appear on stage singing their favourite song. Now can justice be done like that? Is this a glorified school competition? Is music just mouthing a comfortable film song and often attempting to sound as close to the original as possible the qualification to succeed? I remember a similar kind of show on Sun TV where the competitors were judged on melody, rhythm, tone and scales, sadly such shows are rare.

Thirdly because these shows are on TV the visual spectacle is as important as the sound itself, so you have contestants wearing their best and strutting more than their voices on stage. A notable show was the Channel V pop stars where the first batch was only women. Obviously not many would want to see men in spaghetti straps, will they? So you had a rag tag bunch of girls who were willing to look sexy and glamourous and if you got beyond all that had passable voices too. Before they won the contest we got a voyeuristic view of their personal lives including look-ins to their bedrooms et al.

Fourthly some of these shows proceed to humiliate the contestants in full glare of an audience and then proceed to telecast the gory details to all who choose to see. In the show that sparked off this post one of the contestants (a girl incidentally) started off very promisingly with “Ghoongat ke…” a very popular song mouthed by Juhi Chawla and Amir Khan in an old feel good movie, somewhere down the line the girl missed her cue after the musical interlude and looked blank. The judges proceeded to crucify her in the public glare. A raging debate ensued about whether the girl should be given a second try or not, the jury was divided on that issue. Now if you have a clue how songs are being recorded nowadays this debate would have been a no-brainer. Every singer no matter how big he/she is has the option of takes and retakes before getting that perfect sound, further some singers today are so atrociously bad that they resort to “Punching”. Punching for the layman is the sound engineers’ equivalent of Ctrl C / Ctrl V, where the singer can choose to sing and record in bits and the sound engineer will do the needful. Sometimes singers may punch phrase by phrase or line by line depending on how bad they are. Often masking the errors digitally and modifying the voice by the sound engineers render the finished product totally different from what the singer recorded. So why crucify a singer for a genuine error? Maybe she was dreaming of future glory which she is entitled to. Not to mention the pressures of public performance and singing before an incompetent jury, I think people like her are entitled to small mercies. The ultimate irony however was when the girl got ranked a 9 despite singing one verse only. Finally the girl made a tearful apology to all and promised to do better next time almost elevating the kind hearted judges to the status of demi-gods.

To put such farcial shows into perspective, Naresh Iyer the current National award winner for best vocalist participated in a singing competition judged by A. R. Rahman some time ago. Naresh did not even make it to the winners list, but he was noticed by Rahman who promised him a song later and the rest they say is history. Spare a thought though to the winners.

Next time you or your friends get into such contests, I wish you well. But if you think that by winning such a contest you have a great voice and are the voice of India, I would advise you to read this post again.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Search for morals

What is morality?

Wiki to the rescue:

Morality (from Latin moralitas "manner, character, proper behaviour") refers to the concept of human action which pertains to matters of right and wrong—also referred to as "good and evil"—used within three contexts: individual distinction; systems of valued principles—sometimes called conduct morality—shared within a cultural, religious, secular or philosophical community. Personal morals define and distinguish among right and wrong intentions, motivations or actions, as these have been learned, engendered, or otherwise developed within individuals. By contrast, ethics are more correctly applied as the study of broader social systems within whose context morality exists. Morals define whether I should kill my neighbour Joe when he steals my tractor; ethics define whether it is right or wrong for one person to kill another in a dispute over property.

Makes you wonder after reading it, “Does morality exist?”

Today the end justifies the means and often the term collateral damage comes into play. If you do not know the term collateral damage, then maybe you don’t watch the news. Like the cartoon above people like George Bush are trying to make a change to the world by making inhalers having polluted the world. Like for instance in Iraq where the civilian killings by Americans would outnumber what Saddam did in one lifetime, but the Iraqi deaths are just mere statistics, a number, a small price to pay for a supposedly better world. It never occurs to Bush that flesh and blood are the same irrespective of what flag they come under.

But why blame Bush, all of us have this streak in us, every time we trample over someone to reach our narrow goal we are as guilty as Bush himself. We never pay any attention to the collateral damage we leave behind. Often a trivial instance like a motorist going on the wrong side causes a traffic jam by blocking the incoming traffic, today these traffic jams are so commonplace. The selfishness of this motorist to break the rule and surge ahead unmindful of the others invariably makes so many others suffer. I shudder to think what the plight of a patient in an ambulance stuck in such a jam will be?

Yesterday I was stuck in a horrendous traffic jam simply because every other motorist was on the wrong side and the entire GST road was blocked. The poor traffic cops had virtually no chance as they had absolutely no control of the situation.

Why are we so heartless and so selfish? What kind of values do we carry? What values do we hand over to our children?

Where is morality?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

After watching all those awe inspiring and totally mind numbing programmes on TV where every TV/ film star has given his/her take on freedom, sit back and breathe in the air of freedom.

If it stinks, I don’t blame you. In fact I don’t blame anyone because the stink is proof of our freedom. Freedom to spit on the roads, to eve tease, to litter, to encroach, to break every law of the land, to steal, to kill, to suppress, to oppress, to discriminate, to desecrate, to usurp your neighbour’s freedom, to elect goons to government, to sit at home and not vote, to be selfish, to be greedy, to destroy, to terrorize, to be simply free.

So do you think that this day means nothing to me?

On the contrary, this is a day of hope. When I look back and see where we are from where we started, I have an immense sense of pride. A pride that will not be diminished by all that I have mentioned above. At the end of every long night is the break of a beautiful new day.

So in the end what is freedom?

It is a choice, the choice to do good and to be good instead of complaining at the bad around. The choice to ask not what the nation has done for you, but ask rather what you can do for your nation. It is your choice.

Happy Independence day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Travails of a teetotaler.

What? You don’t drink??????!!!!!!!!

I have been faced with this question and when I reply with a No, the incredulity on the face of the questioner is simply priceless.

This question was repeatedly asked me during my UG days in Loyola as though being a Loyalite was a license to daily drunken orgies. It repeated itself when I did my MBA in the drinker’s paradise Pondichery, and now this question haunts me during every social get together related to my work. My colleagues and counterparts simply refuse to believe that someone could last 6 years in the BFSI space not to mention my educational history can be dry.

Frankly I don’t know what the big deal is all about. I remember once during school (I think) I had a sip of whisky from my dad’s glass during a family party and was simply revolted by the smell not to mention the drink itself that looked like the urine sample of somebody suffering an illness. That day I realized that something that smelt so bad was best avoided and so it has been done till today. No moral policing, parental trouble or any other baggage stops me from drinking; it is just a simple personal decision.

Now that brings me to the question, why do people drink? Invariably the answer is that it gives them a high.

But there are so many other highs in life we often neglect. The high of winning something against stiff competition, a job well done, party or time with friends, the thrill of doing something for the first time ever, the overcoming of one’s fear, a race well run, the list is endless. But just an intoxicant to get high somehow is not high enough because in all the other instances you are in control of yourself despite the euphoria, with drinks it is the opposite, often people loose control of everything and make a mockery of themselves.

But I must say that from my experiences that watching the effects of alcohol never fails to bring a smile on my face. You see all kinds of drinkers:

1) The first type are the fakers, they get high by the vapours that escape when you open the bottle. Be warned these people are very noisy and with a sniff will want you to believe that they are sloshed already.

2) The second type, the pukers are peculiar because they will have one drink and then proceed to puke their insides out and then go on to down several more. Thankfully they puke when fully conscious so that they can repair the damage done by themselves.

3) The third type are the freewheelers, they cannot stop drinking as long as the booze is free, even if they puke they will not do it in full view lest they loose more booze.

4) The fourth type are the sippers, they will stretch one drink for the entire evening either out of responsibilities or light pockets

5) The next type are the guzzlers, they just cannot stop drinking

6) The last type are the drivers, I am a part of this group we watch the fun and get loads of soft drinks and side dishes because we have the responsibility to drive all the other types home safe and sound.

What type are you?

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Sometimes a simple thing like a big black dot can save a life. When will all those insensitive morons on the road who cause so many near death incidents every day, realize this?

Driving in this country in the nights is nothing short of a nightmare, every road is full of mindless murderers who dazzle you with their lights, not bothering in the least that dazzling headlights are illegal. It does not matter if the driver is educated or a boor they all do the same. How insensitive can they get, sometimes out of sheer frustration I often park across the offender and try to explain to them the folly of their actions, it has not made any difference.

And what about the black dot? If you cannot dim your headlights then get a black sticker and stick it on your headlight. You will save many lives.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Random ramblings

1) Did you realize to be an asset you must first be an ASS?

2) It is difficult to go straight in life, have you seen our roads?

3) Wo(E)man, noticed that even with the E it sounds the same?

4) Noticed the exhilaration when finally answering the call of nature after a painfully long bladder bursting bus journey?

5) Noticed that often our question papers have the word DISCUSS and they keep an invigilator to dissuade just that?

Ok. More to follow. Me dizzy again.

Back to blogging

Hi. I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!

I was down with viral fever and had spells of dizziness that prevented me from sitting at my comp. Two things no three things inspired this post:
1) I have been tagged by my lil sis from church
2) Chriz actually asked me to blog as I was idling tooo long
3) I need to live up to my tag

So let’s get down to the tagging business:
The rules of the game:

1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Here goes in random order:

1) I am a dreamer of an ideal world, and often when I wake up in a not so perfect world I get very disappointed
2) I am a hopeless homebody. I will travel the world but will still want to return home for a fitful sleep. The best place in the world for me: Of course my house and my room
3) I believe in God and that He made me in this world for a purpose and that I’m no accident
4) My support system: my family and my friends
5) My hobbies and passions : Music, singing, a little guitar, western classical vocals, reading and quizzing
6) I hate: Insensitive and selfish people, bad drivers, crooked politicians and government officials, those who spit and litter on the street, those who behave worse than my dog by urinating in every public space. (Trust me Melissa has better civic sense and without training too. Talk about animal instinct)
7) I can talk forever like I blog given a mike stage fright never happened to me.
8) I am one of a kind and another one of me would be too much to handle. (God is a genius)

Now for my turn!!!!!!!!
1) Oxymoron
2) Dave
3) Trinity
4) Zee
5) Rebel
6) Bungi
7) Scribbler
8) Chriz

Happy blogging! (Me included)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Who am I?

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Thanks to Anju for this.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Children of a lesser God?

Stripped of his clothes, his dignity, his humanity, he goes down to make our lives comfortable.

Makes you wonder if God created us, are people like him children of a lesser God?

When will this cruelty end?