Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Be fine, why pay fine?

The new traffic rules and fines have cause considerable outrage and humour online.  The outrage seems to overshadow the humour as many people are upset with the new fines as they will burn a big hole in many pockets.

Many are saying that these fines are unfair and should be scrapped, I disagree here. A fine exists because the person who was fined was simply not fine. Putting that poor joke aside, it is obvious that a fine will only be feared by those who plan to violate the rules. These rules were not made to satisfy anyone’s personal ego but to ensure safety for all. People want to violate these rules and then crib about the fines.

In some time people will get used to these fines and things will get normal again because we forget fast. The basic question remains why do people outrage so much? Let me tell you an open secret. The common man in India is largely decent till he gets on a two wheeler and then he sinks to the depths of depravity that is unimaginable.

Look around on any road in India and you will see two wheelers driving everywhere possible on the wrong side, on pavements, inside private properties to avoid a line, these riders often don’t go alone but with their kids on a school drop where in the rush to catch the school bell life and limb are uncared for. Morals and values are not even in the picture. When you show your child that you can cut corners for things like these then expecting the child to grow up into a paragon of virtues is as silly as expecting the current FM to solve the present economic mess.

The next in the level of low lives will be auto drivers who are largely a law to themselves and for whom the laws are non-existent so they will not care for the law or for anyone else. The share auto drivers are probably close to them in behavior but since they get harassed more by the traffic cops regularly for plying an illegal service they tend to be marginally better behaved.

So if you are a two wheeler rider and you are outraging over the sullying of your fellow brethren on two wheels remember you need one bad worm to spoil a basket of apples. It takes one errant two wheeler rider to inspire everyone behind to jump the line. I am personally happy with these fines but I would like to see if there is a fine for wrong side driving and if it is possibly push it to highest bracket. You may think that I am over exaggerating here but the reflex action of most drivers at the wheel is to avoid hitting someone who is directly in front of you in your lane and this reflex action leads to sudden unplanned evasive actions that can be costly for the driver. There have been countless times when I had to slam my brakes to avoid hitting a shameless two wheeler driver in front of me on the wrong side who does not have the balls to look at me. In my attempt to avoid low life I have been piled into by a motorist behind or have scratched my car on something adjacent while the lowlife slinks away.

Be fine, don’t pay fines and let others be fine too.

Picture meme: courtesy Google Images. There is a Vaigai puyal for everything

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Memories from the floods for a better day

If you were living in Chennai or Madras (if you prefer) when the city went under the massive rains in December 2015 you will understand this post.

Waking up to heavy incessant rains overnight the roads were inundated, power had been suspended several hours earlier as safety precaution, mobile towers were down because the generators that kept them running after the power supply was terminated had run down. The absence of power ensured that the humble radio was the only source of information and mercifully the land line worked.

We were relatively better off than those whose homes got washed away or some who lost their lives due to a combination of nature’s fury and human incompetence or greed. We were cut off from outside world for a few days but we were well, we managed with what we had and then we ran out of essentials. When the rain eased off a little I went out in the flooded roads looking for any shop that may be open to stock up on essentials after a search I managed to find one shop but then I only had my cards and not enough cash, on a normal day I could have gone to any ATM nearby or simply swiped the cards at an accepting store but on that day due to the network outage neither options worked.

I got the basic essentials on credit because humanity still won and the shopkeeper supplied not just to me but others who had the same challenge. Once the rain subsided power was restored, roads were cleared, credit was repaid and life went on.

Now pause and consider a former state where communication has been suspended and the region under a lockdown for purely political reasons. Imagine the duress and the suffering the people must be going through. No shops, banks, critical supplies, transport, communication for days. How cruel must some people be who impose these kinds of sufferings on common people for their personal hurrahs. In a democracy where freedom to live is given here this has been snatched away in one foul swoop.

Whatever may be your political affiliations or your personal beliefs, remember he who is not with you is not against you. It is not binary; India has not been homogeneous and should never be. Keep the politics and the stupidity aside be humane. Live and let live. You will never know what the other man is going through unless you are in his place. You will not know what despair, frustration, hurt is till you feel it.

What goes around will come around.

Image courtesy Google Images