Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moodar Koodam - a review

I am not a movie critic and for a movie review I suggest you visit this by one of my favourite reviewers. If you want to know if this movie is worth a watch and you share my sensibilities read on.

If you are wondering what is “my sensibilities”? Simple, I watch movies for fun, I am willing to suspend disbelief and rationale for the few hours in the movie hall and let myself be transported away from brain work and ensure that I get the best exercise in life in large measures. If these boxes are ticked then I recommend a movie. The classics are for other days. So while I love Nayagan, Micheal Madana Kama Rajan will be ranked higher because I can watch it any number of times and still enjoy it.

After a long introduction if you are still with me and know what to expect from this let me proceed. Coming among a stream of similar dark comedy movies this is another effort from many new comers and is based on the events of one night. Four men meet up in a police station due to various reasons and decide to commit a robbery, what happens after that is the movie. There are some nice touches especially with the back stories that use various styles for flash back tales. You can read more about the movie here.
The positives:
-  Some genuinely funny lines including two lines by henchmen which caused a thunderous applause. You must watch them
-     Generally underplayed acting by all ensuring that there is no stand out performance by any one and giving even the smallest role enough to evoke a reaction from the audience
-    Almost clean entertainment, no separate comedy tracks to  mar the narrative, no item songs, almost none of the usual masala stuff that can be expected of movies these days
-        Simple story so not much brain work
-         No unexpected song breaks

The negatives:
-       To many preachy lines, usually by the wise one (this movie is called Fools Gathering) who is also the director, it gets on to you after a point
-        A very simple story ensures that you can predict the ending almost
-        Editing could be better, some nips and cuts could have made the movie better
-       The back ground score is replete with several famous western classical pieces and did not always set with the movie (I hope they were credited to the composers and not the music director)
-          The ending seems an unfinished product as the usual attempt to tie up all loose ends with a convenient climax

The positives will outweigh the negatives and it is a movie that can be watched.  Go with an open mind you may come out happy.

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