Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Women's day - II

                                        (Image courtesy - Google Images)

So why are women better than men?

In no particular order:

-         they can identify between magenta & mauve
-         they can remember when you last left the bath room light burning 5 years ago
-         they can shop for hours to buy a hair clip and yet feel delighted by it
-         they can harasses countless shopkeepers to empty all the racks and yet walk away empty handed without any guilt
-         they will remember if you have forgotten to take your pills but will forget their break fast
-         they will ensure that food at home tastes infinitely better because they will add a magic ingredient called love
-         they will trust their lives to every unknown bus driver but will ensure that you will be driven even if you have the wheel
-         they will set their mind on one thing, they may search the entire mall yet they will come back to the first thing,

Since women’s day is on hand, I will pause with this list to minimize collateral damage, however you the reader can add more in the comments section.


Sowmya Swaminathan said...

Every point listed here is so true.

Magenta and mauve ARE different. But my favorite is lavender. :)

And yes, we can shop for hours and leave the shop without buying even a hanky or we demand them to empty the entire rack and choose the one we liked first.

Cheers to this post which beautifully brings out the endearing qualities of women. :)

Susan Deborah said...

Clement, I now perfectly understand your mom and Divia. Unwittingly you have you have narrated all their qualities.

To be the Devil's advocate: Some of the points you have listed are quite cliched and slot women into some defined roles.

Joy always,

Clement Williams said...

@Sowmya Swaminathan: thank you : )

@Susan Deborah: Some mum, some Divia, some from other influences, intentional usage, not sure about cliches just reporting from past experiences