Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On a day like today, from The Hindu

The Hindu is a daily habit and recent interactions pertaining to one of the younger members of the CBC inspired this post. They are all from the Hindu today but they also follow a pattern...

Does the tag "MLA" give a person the right to beat up even policemen? What kind of jokers have we elected to the halls of power? The fact that they do this is in the full glare of the media shows their scant disregard for the laws and their arrogance.

Recent elections held under the eagle eye of the elections ensured lesser malpractices but it appears that the wings of the EC may be clipped based on the recommendations of the government before the Supreme Court. Hopefully the Supreme Court will throw this out.

Minutes saved by taking short cuts can be very expensive even if time is money. Death because of the illegal crossing of the railway tracks is becoming very commonplace that soon it may not even merit the second page, even if the deceased is a railway employee. You would assume that an employee would be aware of the train timings and the perils of crossing the track.

Far from activism, this withdrawal of support by the DMK appears to be mere opportunism with an eye on the impending elections. The question running on my mind is why now? Why not earlier when the fast ended very fast?

Solution to the current logjam the Congress finds itself in? Pass a resolution in the Parliament expressing solidarity to the Tamils.  The efficacy of such a resolution against another sovereign government is anybody’s guess.  At best it can be public posturing which will help none.

Last week colleges in the state were closed indefinitely to clamp down on the student protests. Admirably instead of enjoying the holidays, some students are still on the streets protesting against the Sri Lankan Government.  Hopefully it will be a peaceful movement across the state.

Timely follow up by the Railway Police has ensured that the goons who beat up the monk at the railway station have been arrested. This act of hooliganism is neither a protest nor does it help in wiping the tears of the suffering in SriLanka, it will ensure that the majority will turn against the Tamils again because of this stupidity.

Do you think that you and I can make a difference to the people who are suffering out there? Sometimes not doing anything can also help.


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Karen Xavier said...

Yeah, read all this in the paper... even I am stupefied as to how such fools get elected and what is stopping the court from swiftly incarcerating them. What more proof do they need... throw those MLA's in prison. The students protest is indeed admirable... the beating up of a monk is sickening. Can't people think logically and then retaliate...

Susan Deborah said...

I haven't read anything, can I comment? I don't think so but still I have commented that I cannot comment.

Joy always,

sahi said...

We seriously elect lockers to the hall of power and every other time we repent 4 the mistake that us done!! The people spl the politicians seem to have the short term memory loss and at times I have wondered if they spl play any political game just to satisfy their needs