Friday, March 08, 2013

A wish on Women's Day

Much has been written about the day and views have flown across the spectrum and I have added my piece to the pile already. This post is not about the day, it is about everyday.

There was an advertisement made years ago with a brilliant tagline that still remains with me even though I can remember neither the product nor the brand. In this mad journey of life women end up with a raw deal. You know what I am talking about so I will not go further.

People may assume that working women are a recent phenomenon but look around and there are so many self employed, the entrepreneurs and many more in domestic service who ensure that the fires are burning in their homes. They do all that, run homes and still manage with the same twenty four hours like the men.

In this they tend to have very little time for themselves to enjoy the small joys of life. I mentioned the absence of holidays for the informal sector in an earlier post, but women in general have no holidays irrespective of the sector. They forget that every woman was a little girl who laughed, cried, played, fought & did so many things, but back then for herself. As a woman today she does many more things but for others.

My wish on this day is the tagline that I love –

Hey woman, stay girl…
                                             … at least for a brief moment.

(P.S. The woman & the girl playing with bubbles one night)


Susan Deborah said...


Joy always,

Divia said...

The Truth is told. Only for a brief moment that is possible. It's a rigmarole. Wish I could give a holiday to my mum one day.