Thursday, January 07, 2010

On a day like today


- The newspaper reports that a Deputy Commissioner of Customs was caught by the CBI accepting a bribe hold your breath of Rs. 2500. I remember reading about the arrest of quite a few officials with much higher sums of money at the airport and last heard they are out on bail. So what will happen to this person who got caught for 2500 rupees?
- Is the start of the road safety week and many well meaning school kids were standing at road corners holding small placards with very well meaning statements. Just realized that not only are they risking their life and limbs to our notorious traffic but they are potential traffic hazards the same as the now banned hoardings
- A pathetic duo on a TVS 50 casually drove the entire stretch of the long flyover in T. Nagar on the wrong side aiming to save 200 meters and made my blood boil over
- A desktop calendar with pics of baby Trinity adorns my workstation and is drawing admirers in droves
- I was supposed to be in Hyderabad of Telengana but since Andhra was boiling over I have decided to stay back
- I wrote a letter and found that my writing has become near illegible, my lovely new fountain pen not withstanding
- Boss has sounded out the first warning about the impending performance review which is next week!!!
- Is Thursday, the day before Friday, the wait for the weekend has begun.

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Roy said...


I wonder why your blood boil when somebody escort your car as pilot scooter. You are a priviliged guy with an escort.

I too admired Desktop calendar of yalini especially your entire family posing for the month of December 2010- It depicts the Holy Family.

My tips for you is to avoid stings from Boss - Never try reaching your Boss during Ragu Kalam.

its one more day to go. Enjoy your Friday. Have Fun in Sat /Sunday