Friday, January 08, 2010

In the rain

Driving by the Marina in the rain around half past noon, I noticed a few couples lost in love (I hope) enjoying the wonderful weather.

One couple caught my interest, the guy was dressed in formals and had a salesman bag slung around his shoulder, the girl was in a salwar with the dupatta draped around her head, they were walking towards the sea from their bike parked on the shoulder of the road. They were getting drenched and kept going all the while the guy had a folded umbrella in his hands.

Saw another couple standing under a small umbrella in the classic pose of lost in each others eyes oblivious to the downpour around.

Real life so often throws up such gems that no movie can

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Bungi said...

This is so precious! Wish you and Div more such moments in your lives. And congratulations on your baby. I know it is coming late...