Monday, January 11, 2010

Colour, colour, what colour do you choose?

It is always good to have a week end break to recharge the batteries. Among the interesting happenings over the weekend was the one campaign on Facebook that was quite amusing.
So to those guys in the know, (I hazarded a guess after the third status message and got it right after Googling), they now know what the colours actually were. Ranging from the usual blacks, whites and a red that drew a few oohs and aahs from other women, quite a few young ladies dared to show or actually tell their true inner colours. Among the colours was the striped variety contributed by my dear friend Jack sparrow who thinking it was a fad jumped into the fray with his version only to realize that it would look rather queer on him. And another well meaning friend who supported the cause felt that he should contribute white because his vest is usually of that shade. The TOI as usual came up with some more exotic varieties in its issue.

If it must be colour then go for pink, I mean the ribbon, gloves or even caps and while the Pak team looked a little queer I must appreciate their commitment to the cause. And to those men still snickering around it said that the cancer is not a female domain but affects men too, so be warned.
If you are still wondering what I’m rambling about,

read this.

This week the Chennai Sangamam is back and though Tower park is not being used this year, I have the choice of Bougainvilla or Thiruvika parks to choose from and Kerala, Madurai and Dindugal cusines to savour, so it is going to be a fun filled week. To those who have never experienced the Sangamam, it is a must see, do not miss it.

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