Friday, June 26, 2009

The king is gone...

A small part of me has been consigned to history. The king of pop is no more but his legacy is enduring. I remember the first ever English tape that I bought was Bad and over the years his music endured even as I heard so many other artists. He was and will be a genius.

There is only one king of pop and today his absence has left a huge vacuum that will never be filled.

Thank you for the music and all those happy moments that were a part of my growing years.

Even as a kid you sang, "just call my name and I'll be there...",

MICHEAL JACKSON, the world calls....

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Daddy strongest!

Heard this anecdote during sermons twice over this extended weekend and thought I will share it with you at Father's day...

There was an aeroplane that hit heavy turbulence during a flight and caused the oxygen masks to come out. As the turbulence increased the passengers grew disturbed and restless,but one little girl was deeply engrossed in a book and seemed oblivious to the goings on around her. Her neighbour asked her if she was not scared at the situation, the little girl replied that her father was the pilot of the plane and she knew that he will take her home safely...

Every day we knowingly hand over our lives to so many unknown people in the auto, taxi, bus, plane, train etc and we do it without a second thought, yet when our life needs piloting we do not have enough faith on the expert and we try to drive ourselves.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More random notes

I just couldn’t help noticing the distinct lack of gloom around when India got knocked out of the T20 championship rather prematurely. I didn’t bother with the opinions of the wise men from the many TV channels or websites as frankly I think it was a game where one simply played better and not much post mortem was merited. This fact was further reinforced when MSD owned responsibility for the batting order change and like many others who felt that Yuvi was the best option to face the faster men, but they are gambles that MSD takes. When he used Raina to bowl in the IPL at crunch situations and it worked we oohed and aahed, but had it flopped the knives would have been out and already IBN is asking if he should resign. Shame on you, it is very easy to sit in the air-conditioned confines and deliberate meaninglessly but it wont change a thing on the field.
At the end it remains just a game.

It was yet another busy weekend and there was nothing much I could do about it as there was a family function and I had the inevitable driving responsibilities from dawn to dusk. The function went off well and with it did D to her mum’s place.

Appraisals have come and gone with such a wonderful increment that I am searching for a magnifying glass to fully see it. And the chorus, “you job is your bonus and your full salary is your increment” is reaching deafening levels by all the superiors you bump into.

My food blog is up and running with my first post and I will be putting up the 2nd today, so I have yet another connect to the blogosphere. And now I am thinking of a local level portal that may actually stop being a thought and go live in some time.

PS. I did a google search for Chennai Burps and the result was quite pleasing.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Random notes from the weekend

The problem with weekends is that they invariably end. That may not be a bad thing but when it ends leaving you exhausted it can be very bad, so bad you wonder what the cure is for a weekend ending blues.

It was a hectic weekend that involved some very heavy duty eating. One HUGE pot luck lunch, a wedding dinner, a non-veg meals at a Chettinad hotel and yet another wedding dinner can leave one tired. At least it left me tired as in between all this eating was a lot of traveling and some singing which resulted in me ending up in bed for most of yesterday.

Staying on the topic of food, I am contemplating starting my own food blog, ever since I have become a kind of resource person to my friends and colleagues on the eat outs in Chennai; I guess it might actually work.

The IPL airtime has been taken over by the T20 world cup and since the commentators are not hyping it like the IPL there is absolutely no hype on this world event. At the time of writing this the Aussies have got beaten by darker people out of the cricket arena, first the Windies and then the Lankan Lions made sure that bullies are not forever.

I watched and enjoyed the match between Tigers and St. Patrick’s men the other day. In the end it seemed that only one team came up to win the other just Afridied through the game. Afridied is my contribution to the lexicon, it stands for those who are mercurially talented but suffer from prolonged bouts of brainlessness. Prolonged effects of the Afridied effect will end up leaving coaches with balding pates. How can you explain a captain who has the ability to smash the best of bowlers to all parts of the field and yet wants to give slip catching practice to his opponents?

The commentating fraternity has been expanded to include Jumbo and the Prince. You cant help noticing how Bhogle is hand holding Jumbo as he finds his way about and in the middle of the hand holding came a gem from Bhogle “At times you see the artist playing like the artisan” this was to define a wild reverse heave by Mahela who is usually a purist’s delight. Bhogle’s hair or correctly the increase of it is still causing me some amusement.

I have the privilege of teaching some fabulously gifted kids in the children’s choir and on the Sunday gone by we sang at a shrine outside Chennai and it was with a lot of pride I received the compliments from the visitors who were absolutely taken up with the singing. Being a choir we cannot afford to delight in our efforts for it was not nor ever will be a performance but our humble thanks offering to the Creator for the talents he has given. If God is surrounded by his angels making music I can imagine a little of how it must sound after all children are little angels.