Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Traffic tragedies

You may have heard enough of my constant ranting and raving about the notorious drivers in Chennai. I suppose it is not isolated to Chennai, but driving here for so long I have decided that it is the worst place to drive.

What irked me so much was the total insensitivity our people show today to their fellow being. They have become so selfish and greedy that I precedes We always. And no matter what be your faith or religion, today it matters not how you reach your goal, but reach your goal, no matter how many people you may kill on the way.

Shame on you all:
That middle aged moron with a kid before him and a wife behind him who brazenly jumped the red light on his bike and squeezed between an onrushing water-tanker today। Why do you want to look respectable with well-pressed clothes and tie when you commit such crimes? You are the actual white collared criminal।

Shame on all those of you on Nungambakkam High Road today at around 10 AM when you refused to give way to the ambulance despite the ambulance driver blaring his siren so much।

Shame on you the parasites who trailed along the ambulance at top speed after it managed to break free। You parasites broke all road rules not caring that by doing so you are making advance reservations in the same ambulance.

Shame on you, if you read this and say, “Hey what’s the big deal?”; your life may be worthless to you but for your loved ones your life is precious and for every life you endanger you will have the blood of that lineage on your hands।

Shame on me, that I can only rant and rave; but do precious little about it.


Trinity said...

hey baby i really shudder when i think i have to drive in this God forsaken place when i get my permanent licence :(

people should be well briefed about all the worst accidents in the world and their aftermath(s)on the day they get their licences so the traffic personnel can scare the shit out of them

Then they will stick to their lanes and change lanes with more care and stop jumping signals and give way when its the others turn and ultimately behave more like human beings.

The briefing should happen every now and then.. he he he
sounds so wicked but cant help it!

Oxymoron said...

Jolly roger, u write jolly so well!! Loved this blog post! And I didnt say 'whats the big deal?' in my head! Ps: nice makeover!