Monday, July 23, 2007

How about a date?

What is it about women and dates?

No, I’m not talking about the fruit of the date palm or even a social outing with a current or potential lover; I’m referring to the simple calendar date.

Women have a phenomenal memory for dates; ask them when did India become a republic and you may have a thoughtful pause, but ask them, “when did I promise to take you to the big sale?” and hey presto, in a flash it comes “On XX day of XXXX month at XX time”.

Just the other day I was woken up to the fact that the day was the 22nd of the month by D. I failed to realize the significance of the day despite racking my poor memory for all the possible birthdays or anniversaries I could remember. Then I was informed that we were married on a 22nd and today is a 22nd. It is the nth month anniversary. Get the general idea?

No, I’m not complaining, it’s just that I’m amazed to the point of bewilderment as to how much they value dates. The other day as we were driving home D again reminded me of that day when we drove home and spoke a lot. Now driving and talking is a normal occurrence every other day so pray why was that time so special? D patiently told me on that day of that month we drove together and spoke for the first time.

Today I missed the birthday of a dear friend simply because my memory failed me and my old trusty cell phone which for long used to have my reminders was stolen and I never updated the replacement with the data because I simply did not have it.

I don’t write down phone numbers and my brain is full of trivia, useful and useless knowledge but some how I don’t have dates especially the dates that are personal.

So what do I do to avoid a next time of missed dates? Buy a daily diary.
How about writing in it? That is another story altogether… ; )


Zee said...

my boyfriend forgot the date he asked me out the first month of asking me out...which i made him regret about so much that he's introduce me to people saying "hey this is zee...we started seeing each other on the 3rd of feb"!!!! so oh well... :)

JollyRoger said...

Sooper zee! dont tell my wife pls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trinity said...

now tell me what exactly is the date you saw out for the first time???
bad if you cant remember... anyways its in your journal that i gave you...

chronicwriter said...

i see a wife bashing her hubby here.. dunno when ill be bashed like this!?

chronicwriter said...

so what do you say roger? is it gud to get married?

JollyRoger said...

@ chriz: yup marriage is gr8, but like they say "life depends on the liver"