Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Rain rain don’t go away
Come again every day
India playing overseas test today
Rain rain don’t go away.

After sneaking away with a test draw gifted by the rain Gods probably yielding to the prayers of the millions (the blue billion was just hype, like the team), who after yet another disappointing performance realized that a miracle was in order to save us from more embarrassment.

So with an amazingly resolute effort by Dhoni, the 11th man Sreeshanth (no dancing this time) and the 13th man the rain God, India got a honourable draw.

So what about the 12th man? He with the other team members was busy singing the song mentioned above!!


Gayatri said...

wow.. are people STILL watching the 11 buffons..? =P

i was NEVER a cricket buff.. and the disgust has only heightened over the years.. =P

chronicwriter said...

i would never blame the cricketers.. the bcci,media and the sponsors are he ones to be blamed..