Monday, July 30, 2007

Chennai 600 028 Part 2 (in pics)

This is the landmark for our area, the Housing Board Arch. It is not called Sunnambu whatever, but the place is called Pattinampakkam or ForeShore Estate.

Yet another landmark of the area, Our Lady of Guidance Church also popularly called Lazarus Church (which is a misnomer). The car festival of this church reminds you of a village fest.

Not 10, Downing Street but 10, Malaiappan Street. ; )

Taken from my car, this is about the spot where the stumps were drawn on the ground near the manhole.

This house in the foreground was the boundary, you get 4 if the ball travels to it on the ground, a 6 if it reaches through the air and you get OUT if it goes over the house. Also it is the end of the game, if you did not have a spare ball.


chronicwriter said...

memories... good one.. last week i tried playing street cricket with school kids. they are very bad.. they have a new rule.. if the ball travels out of the compound wall, i am out it seems. they told me the new rle after i hit it out of the park( a feat i never achieved when i play with people ,my age)

Honey Bee said...

Jolly, just hopped in here. Wow! You have go a wonderful blog man. I almost read all the posts.

Was also shocked to see mine on your blog roll. Thanx.

Nithya N said...

reminds me of my street cricket days!! i was the youngest,so i enjoyed special privileges like i leave the ground only if bowled 5 times :P

Jennifer said...

Hi... ur pages reminds me of my childhood days..I am from R.A.Puram ..Tat was a real flash back...Good memories...I cud picture those memories rite now..Thanx..