Friday, July 13, 2007

Kiss to fame

Hi! What you see are three famous kisses that made the rounds recently.

What is common to them?

All three were shamelessly flogged to death by the media channels which try to appear respectable but have only sensationalism to capture market share. Of late the overdose of such “news articles” has defeated the very objective of watching news programmes.

So while we are at it, a few comments on the pics:

Pic 1: An obscene publicity stunt pulled by two wanna be starlets. For all the cases filed by Rakhi against Mika, admitting this was not the first time made the issue look so fishy. Just note the reaction of the onlookers for confirmation. This was just some entertainment for the party, even if Rahki “looked” stunned.

Pic 2: This to me was a genuine admiration for a pretty woman, note the sequence of events and execution, it looks unplanned and simply impetuous by Gere. Had he done it anywhere else, it would not have even come to the last page of a daily. But this is India and the moralistic people were up in arms when Shilpa herself the person who was wronged accepted it with the grace it deserved.

Pic 3: The variant between 2 and 3 is that here Bips seems to be having a party literally. The media wonders what John has to say about it. What do they expect: a domestic quarrel reality show?

The problem with the media today is that whenever somebody wants to wash their dirty laundry in public, they reach first with the detergent and bucket of water with a huge audience in tow.

My sympathies lie with the poor audience (me included)who after being tortured with the soaps on an unending basis now have to deal with the detergents from the media channels.

PS: FOr what is a kiss? Read :

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Jean said...

The media makes a mountain out of a mole hill half the time!
Nice post! :)