Thursday, July 26, 2007

As you sow, so you reap.

I was commenting on yet another tribute to Dr. APJ as he completed his term I was struck by the fallacy of it all.

We have all hoped for our people’s president to serve yet another term but our elected representatives denied us. Please read the last line carefully and pay attention to the phrase “our elected representatives”.

Now let me ask you, did you elect your representative? Did you exercise your fundamental right and by virtue of it your fundamental duty to choose your representative? When was the last time you paid attention to the election process, meaning the national, state or even local level government elections?

It is a sad commentary that the euphoria and enthusiasm that many college students show for their union elections and total apathy to the general elections. Too often we have heard the refrain “Politics is a gutter, we will not step into it”. My friends every time you see that poor soul who stripped down of his clothes and his dignity enter the sewer to clean it, remember but for him our life would be the gutters itself. Imagine your gutters were blocked, would it be a pleasant thought?

So is politics, you may not have to get down into the gutters but you can do your duty to ensure that the scum of the land do not inherit the earth. If the candidate is not worthwhile, you can stand for the election or support a good alternate or invalidate your vote by going through the proper channel. But for heaven’s sake don’t sit on your backsides waiting for the world to right itself. Some criminal will get to the government by bogus votes or by buying his votes.

Today if we regret having an unexpected president who is nothing but a compromise, think what have we sowed.


Trinity said...

I remember the days in college all the hype and hard work for elections where your friends were the candidates and so the involvement.... but thankfully it has caught on to me and not a single election whether it is general or municipal i have missed exccepting the one whether i was a lil' late and someone made use of mine for fake votes.... :(

Life Rocks!!! said...

He is the best of our times..As you seem a big fan too I bet you've read his book.I loved it!!