Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm too busy to blog!

Nothing in Particular!!!!

I just can’t believe it, but it is actually more than 15 days since my last post. This has nothing to do with my creative juices drying up or the usual writer’s block, it’s just that I was too preoccupied with lot of other things. What with Christmas and my wedding on the anvil, I somehow contrive to clutter up my day with N number of things that stop me from blogging.

So life is going on at a break neck speed as this is also our year end at the bank and everyone wants to end the year on a high. (High, only in terms of business numbers!). So work is actually keeping me busy. And not to mention the fact that choir practice for the night mass kept me totally busy.

How repetitive and redundant do I sound????

Also I must confess I had a sudden attack of sloth so I simply did not blog, but now I’m back and back with a vengeance as you will see.

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