Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Miracle at MCC

Miracles happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A miracle happened last evening and I am a testimony to it.

The 9th annual Christmas carol night started yesterday in MCC school at 6.30 pm. To those who are fond of Christmas carols in Chennai, this is a regular much awaited event. Organized by the alumni of the Madras Christian College the event spanning two evenings invites leading choirs and song groups of Chennai and other places to perform for a discerning audience.

The program is held in the grounds of the school and is always under the threat of the elements. The north east monsoon is still active during the earlier part of December and organizing events like this in the open calls for a lot of faith. Chennai was treated to a few unexpected showers on Sunday so the venue was already soggy and the event seemed on the verge of a washout. However the rain held off and the programme went on schedule.

I enjoyed the show, savouring the fare dished out by the performers. The repertoire included western classical, Indian classical in Tamil (really enjoyable) & a Malayalam choir. Then the Chariots from Pune and the Cantibles showed how wonderful male voice acapella singing can be. Of special note are The Chariots a group of students from Africa who study in the Spicer college, Pune. They enthralled the audience for a second time with a Tamil song which was as enthusiastically received as was the next number in Swahili. Music knows no languages.

A duo from Ireland then sang a duet and two solos in the opera theatre style. One of the duo a doctor from Chennai is now a leading player in the Irish theatre scene. The lady, Mrs. Judith Sheridan (I hope am right) then showed us why she is very highly rated in Ireland with her stunning voice.

Anyway coming to the miracle, the rain held off till the programme got over and when the vote of thanks was being delivered the rumble of thunder filled the air. The compere bid us farewell and asked us to return today and closed with the line and here comes the rain. And it poured!!!!!!

The entire audience was a testimony to this, you may think that it is an exaggeration of sorts but the compere announced that the programme went on the strength of the prayers of many and the words were proven yesterday. The rain held off till every song was sung and every speech was made. Also the sound engineers had enough time to protect the expensive equipment from being damaged. If that was not a miracle then we must redefine the word.

To all those who missed out yesterday, the programme concludes today. It’s free. Come, you may see another miracle today.


Oxymoron said...

They absolutely do!! Thanks for that amazing testimony! And the warm welcome!!

trinity said...

hey im sorry pa cud nt join you to see the MIRACLE...
and im happy that you shared the testimony to all