Wednesday, March 07, 2018

God is...

Conversation 1
“So why do you go on this pilgrimage?”
“It’s because my favourite God is there!”
“Really, then what about the places of worship nearby?”
“They are there but my favourite God is there and since childhood I like going there”

Conversation 2
“So why are you going on this pilgrimage?”
“I am going to see God there”
“What do you mean you are going to see God there? Is not God everywhere?”
“Yes but this is special”
“So where do you see God?”
“Inside the sanctum”
“But that is an artist’s personal idea of God and how can that be God”
“That is God!”

Conversation 3
“It is the time to wake up God”
“Are you serious? You are going to see a ceremony to wake up God?”
“Yes, it is very special, they have songs and chants for this, it is a great experience”
“I would be very worried if God were to sleep, what will happen to the world at that time?”
“God is in control always”
“So why would God sleep?”

How little we know about God, how often we make God to suit our understanding, how often we try to fit God into our creations, the places of worship that we make pilgrimages to, we fight battles about, we break up relationships over.
We agree that:
-       God is everywhere
-       God is omnipotent
-       God loves his / her people (no conflict there!)
-       God is all powerful
-       God is in control
-       God is beyond human comprehension
-       God who rules the heavens and the earth cannot be confined to a simple earthly creation

And yet we do silly things…

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