Saturday, January 14, 2017

Stolen moments...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture should merit at least a hundred. Hand drawn by 5 enterprising youth as the décor for their new themed café, this was one of the many pictures that brought me many happy memories when I was there. This was a 90’s themed café and this picture brought many memories of school days.

Those were the days of simple joys, restricted television time, board games, comic books,  outdoor games that went required no equipment but had enough space to play, softy ice creams that could be licked off a cone, bicycles  that came up with the glamorous name of Street Cat, PTC was the preferred mode of travel with tickets under a Rupee, picnics in school was a trip to Guindy park or Golden Beach. Ah!!! Those were the simple days.

From the large line of cartoons, two stand out for me:
He Man and the masters of the universe: The goose bumps that I felt in the moment when Prince Adam says “By the power of gray skull…” the transformation from an ordinary man to a super man was unmatched. Funskool had a range of dolls, oops action figures that was the collectibles of small boys then, the girls had and still have their Barbies from the same maker.

I may have outgrown He man but Tom & Jerry, especially the classic series never fails to keep me entertained. Tom & Jerry kids are like the Hardy Boys case files series an attempt to sound better but pathetic in reality, but I digress. The antics usually violent and dangerous of the mouse, probably the cutest ever (if you discount his nephew Nibbles) and the usual adversary cat Thomas never fail to bring a hearty laugh no matter how low I may be. Tom & Jerry also introduced me to some wonderful classic music an integral part of the series. Life is a cat and mouse game often but Tom & Jerry taught us that it is always good to take time out and have a laugh.

We cannot turn back time but it will not hurt to revisit the past for small moments to suspend the present and enjoy the small joys of life. So what is your choice?

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