Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The ear rings

(Image courtesy: Google Images)

Little kids can be so amusing or annoying, especially the wailing types. The small crowd that was wandering around the church fair observed with some amusement at 6 year old Tina who was loudly asking her mother for some ear rings on display at the counter. After much discussion Tina’s father got her the ear rings despite the apparent exasperation of her mother.

The big smile on Tina’s face was so contagious that the other shoppers smiled and went back to their shopping. Tina was walking around with her new ear rings tightly clasped when she saw another girl sobbing profusely. Her parents were trying to console her but failing miserably. By now the other shoppers started showing signs of annoyance wagging their heads at the wailing child and her helpless parents who could not control her.

Tina looked at the little girl went up to her and gave her the ear rings, said “Merry Christmas!” and walked away. The crying girl looked at the ear rings in her hand and smiled in surprise. Soon she forgot why she was crying and looked at the gift in her hands, when she looked up Tina was not to be seen. As Tina got into the car her father asked her in surprise, “Do you not want the earrings anymore?”  Tina replied, “I wanted them but I saw that she needed them more.”

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