Thursday, August 18, 2016

Facing a facial

The last time I went into a salon for something beyond a haircut was on the day of my wedding. I was literally bullied by my mum to get a facial done along with hair setting. The disaster that happened in the salon ensured that it would never happen again. Sadly lightning does strike at the same spot more than once.

This time I was bullied, cajoled and kind of marched to an unisex salon for my regular haircut and a facial. Now do not get me wrong but I am not a big fan of strange people doing funny things to my face and worse putting unknown concoctions on it. Married men will know that there are certain discussions that will have only one answer and it will be seldom your own. It seemed that I had black heads and they were an extremely bad thing and had to be removed. My query of a simple soap wash resulted in a very dirty look which meant that simple soap would not do for this face.

So after a decent haircut where I overheard some words between my wife and the cashier that sounded like chocolate, fruit and I wondered if they had a pastry shop inside. My wife accepted the charge and paid the bill and said that she would pick me up in some time and left the place.  I was taken to an inner room and made to lie down.  After a while the stylist came and applied something on my face, he used tissues to wipe it off. He repeated the process again and somewhere in between I smelt watermelon and realized the fruit part of it all. The process repeated at least few times and I was tempted to ask the stylist to replace the paper napkins with a towel, he was quite liberal and my guilt levels went up thinking of a poor tree somewhere that ended up on my face.

Then after some time I felt hot steam the best part of the entire exercise and then I felt the stylist trying to scrape my face off with a blunt instrument. Since my wife told me that this would happen earlier I let the stylist go about his work. I was still wondering if the same could not have been done with soap and tweezers but I let it go.

When I emerged with the new face or rather much scrubbed and apparently black head removed face I was surprised to see my wife with her classmate waiting for me! The classmate took a look at me and gave her approval saying that I looked good. Now, this made me wonder if the blackheads or the lack of them was the reason or were they trying to justify the process for a future outing?

Whatever be the reason it felt good to be pampered for a brief while but it typical fashion all the euphoria came down when I heard the cost of the fruit treatment.  My mind exploded with the possibilities of things that could have been accomplished with that money. Finally the clincher delivered by my wife “It may be your face, but it is I who see it. So...” sealed the deal.

P.S. Guys is there a better way for this black head thingy?

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