Thursday, June 02, 2016

Idiots on the road

I look down upon two wheeler riders; they are probably just above the level of filth in my lexicon. Do not get me wrong I ride a scooter at times and so do my family members, so this is not a general statement. I am talking about one particular set of two wheeler riders who are a burden to planet earth and make me burst a nerve at times.
Why do I get so emotional? How else do I react to those who:
-          Break every rule in the book at great risk to self and to others
-          Trespass or encroach upon others space and think it is their rightful due on the road
-          Cause traffic jams by driving everywhere else except on the road
-          Ride around with a defiant look on the face flouting every rule and yet not having the spine to look at the other person face to face
-          Despite being parents who will instruct their kids to be good and when dropping their kids to school flout every rule that normal human beings adhere to
-          Act worse than the normal sensible human beings who also breathe the same air
-          Seem to lack some faculties and do not bother to take any corrective action
-          Think they can get away with any nonsense because there is not enough police force or they will just bribe their way out
-          Are so irresponsible that they do not care for those who will get affected by their recklessness
-          Are so cheap that when other conscious motorists make way for ambulances they either do not care or simply tail the ambulance recklessly to reach faster
-          Do not wear helmets, but wear face masks and other fashionable accessories

I have suffered a few times due to errant two wheeler riders at great personal cost, once I had to replace the hatch back of my car because a biker crashed into a slow moving car and escaped.

Tell me really do they still deserve to share our roads?

Are you a responsible two wheeler rider?

(Image courtesy Google Images / Hindu)