Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bon appetit

“How much is it for a day?” he asked. When he heard the amount he made some mental calculations and then handed over the crisp notes that would feed all the 20 inmates of that home for one day. He collected the receipt from the grateful lady at the desk and started his bike.

The next day he met his friends at their usual hangout and over their large pizzas and unlimited colas they were having a great time when he suddenly remembered the receipt. “Hey guys I have the receipt of the Helping Hands food payment with me. Let’s pool in the cash guys, I am running dry as I paid for all” he said. “Hold on, let us finish dinner and then we will discuss it” replied his friend.

“Guys I got the bill, its 2890, including taxes, split five ways it is 600 per person including the tip” he said after looking at the bill and making yet another mental calculation. He collected the money from his friends and placed it in the bill fold along with his share and signaled the waiter. Tummy full and feeling satisfied he said “lets finish the other collection also, we are paying for three meals for 20 inmates in Helping Hands for a day and the bill is 2000, split five ways …” his voice trailed off.

Suddenly he felt empty inside.

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mahesh said...

Good reflective post on the times we live in.

So did all friends contribute to fund food for the inmates at Helping Hands?