Friday, May 27, 2016

Two years - too good or not?

The second anniversary celebration of the NDA government is puzzling for the scope and scale for the following reasons:
-          Two years appears too early to celebrate as it is less than half the term but it may not be a bad thing if the scale was not so big

-          If the government has done its job and I will concede that they have, why make a big song and dance about it? Was not the mandate given for them to do the job? Having done it why are they feeling so happy about it?

-      Is the government celebrating to hide the fact that they have not done enough? When actions speak louder, should not the actions of the two years suffice? Why go on an overdrive with a Bollywood star to draw the crowds?

-          Is the government feeling unsure whether it is on the right path and is using this media blitz as a measure of public opinion or its popularity? Surely there can be a better way?

-          Is the government just gloating on its electoral victories after disappointing results and trying to wish away the missed opportunities along the way?

-          Is the government simply failing to get out of its election and campaign mode and making this an extended campaign vehicle?

-          Is the government simply trying to cover up on its poor performance in the public eye and trying to deflect the attention away?

   Having ridiculed the AAP and other parties for their advertisement campaigns earlier, is it right for the government to spend public money to highlight its achievements? I am puzzled that when there is a general feeling of slowdown in the country there seems to be an exuberance that does not seem to be founded on reality.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
All talk and no work makes ….

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