Wednesday, April 27, 2016

KungFu Panda 3 - at breaking point!

I saw KungFu Panda 3 over the weekend and safe to say many would have already seen the movie or have read about it so there will be little or no spoilers in this post.

The third movie in the franchise goes the tried and tested way of Po saving the valley from yet another powerful adversary. There is little to be disappointed with the premise but the problem with sequels is that it seems like stretching a rubber bank further with every new addition that the rubber band is put to great strain and so it is with KP3.

The introduction of Po’s dad, not the feathered one and the story of fatherhood is among the many nice bits in the movie. There is also the usual sly humour that is cleverly inserted in the dialogues that evoked hearty laughter in the theatre from those who caught it instantly. There was a hint of a romantic angle in the movie and I think somewhere in their minds the team behind the story must be regretting that Tigress is a tigress.

So the story in brief, Po is given charge by master Shifu as the new Master and after initial reluctance Po starts teaching and discovers that he is terrible at teaching. Then Po’s lost Panda dad returns to reclaim him causing jealousy from his goose dad. There is a new bad guy who strangely reminded me of some comical Tamil film villain despite looking menacing. The story then goes into telling how Po as expected will triumph; there are many references to the spirit world and life after death and back. We would have seen all this in Harry Potter 7 and for a moment Oogway does a Dumbledore.

Like I said there are some long drawn out scenes that you feel are simply inserted to enhance the 3D viewing experience. The story seems to end with a climax that seemed to say that this rubber band is at breaking point, but hey, stranger things have happened.
Go if you are a fan of Po and his band.

P.S. Jackie Chan may have had his longest lines in this movie if I am not wrong

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life's lessons from a skating rink

I have been visiting the skating rink these days to drop my daughter for her classes. Watching the kids skate reinforced some life’s lessons that we forget in the rigours of daily life. Here are the lessons from a skating rink:

1.    Keep your balance:  Life is all about its highs and lows but it is essential that one maintains his balance in the journey of life. Every high and low is temporary and therefore must be treated equally.

2.    Do not lose focus: In the rough and tumble rink or in the world focus is crucial to avoid obstacles, anticipate the challenges and take remedial plans.

3.    Keep moving or get left behind: The essence on the rink is to keep moving, a stationary skater is a liability to others and to himself. In life too standing still is not an option or the world will move ahead leaving you behind

4.    Do not hinder the progress of others: A stationary skater as mentioned above is a liability and an obstacle for others, while the onus is to keep moving it is also crucial that the progress of one individual will not impede another. Move and let others move

5.    When you fall, get up quickly, brush yourself off and resume:  There will be falls and no matter how experienced you may be there will be falls. When you fall, get up quick and resume or you will be in Point 3 or 4 mentioned above

6.    Practice makes perfect: There is no shortcut to perfection and is the by-product of long hours of practice.

7.    Have fun: There is no excuse in life or on the rink to not have fun. Have fun and every minute spent achieving the goal will be worthwhile.