Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My little princess

One of the small joys of life in the mornings for me is watching my little daughter sleep peacefully. Sometimes she wakes up and spotting me nearby rushes over curls up nearby holds my hand and goes back to sleep. She sleeps secure in the knowledge that her dad is nearby and I delight in this simple joy of fatherhood.

Can things change a few years down the line? Will a father despise the choice of his daughter so much that he will not hesitate to kill her for the sake of honour? Is there really any honour when this precious daughter marries or chooses to marry someone outside their circles? Can the happiness of his precious one be less important than social acceptance?

Why is this craze for this silly thing called caste? Why is it important for marriage? Why will the mixing of bloodlines make a difference to people’s lives? Does a blood bank have blood caste wise? Or does a dying man refuse the organs harvested of someone of the lowest class? Why do people fear the society that will not bother to feed him when he is hungry or clothe him when he is naked or give him shelter when he is homeless? How many people stood and watched when some mercenaries brutally attacked a young couple recently. In this indifferent society why does social acceptance matter?

If you still say we are a tolerant country, you are in a dream. I read somewhere that only 7% or so is the share of intercaste marriages in our country. Happily I am in that 7% and I am grateful for it.

I pray that I love my daughter and I will continue to love her for her choices even if they are not mine. 

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ArchanaC Kapoor said...

Aha then I fall in that 7% category too and happily so! God bless your little one!

Cheers, Archana -

Rajeev Moothedath said...

So many valid questions... In fact 'intolerance'is to be seen in all these aspects.Sadly many people so positive when they are young become different people when they become old and the children grow old enough to make up their own minds. A very good post!

Sweta Biswal said...

A nice post...wish more ppl start thinking in that way !

Maniparna Sengupta Majumder said...

I wonder why still some people are so much stubborn with the inter-caste marriage! I fail to find any reason...honestly..