Monday, November 02, 2015

Give thanks!!

As you wake up to the heavy rains and hear that schools & maybe colleges are closed you end up having mixed feelings. You are torn between sleeping in and bunking work or reluctantly dragging yourself out of bed not succumbing to the Monday rainy blues and skip work. In the middle of this dilemma spare a thought for those nameless people who ensure your day has begun well. I saw the newspaper boy completely drenched but carrying the newspapers worth 4 Rs each safely wrapped in plastic delivering it to homes. The milk has already been delivered before you opened your eyes and craved for your coffee. The conservancy staff who worked through the night managing the water and the weather to ensure that the roads are cleaner than the way you left it last night.

Somebody has been up a little earlier and started working to ensure that the day has begun well for you, nearer home it could be mum or the better half who got up that little bit earlier to make that cuppa, the absence of which will throw your day off for good measure. So many more work when you sleep rain or shine and these people often unknown, nameless go about their lives working often without holidays and there is not much we can do about them.

Pause a moment to acknowledge the existence of these people, say a silent prayer for them, say thanks if you see them, feel grateful that they make every day worth waking up. Finally thank your maker for all the abundance that you wake up to each day, every day. 

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