Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Family plan!!!

Dear Airtel, I really think that my daughter just has to ask me if she wants a better mobile plan instead of pulling these cheap scams. From your ad I doubt I will get her your plan, thank you for trying.

There are crappy ads and there are crappy ads. The airtel ad would be somewhere in between the potty and the drain, so horrible it is. I am not sure if family values have sunk to such levels and the fact that this ad is part of a series tells you the kind of value systems that drives the leading mobile operator of the country. I would not be surprised if they are scamming their clients away merrily with such stunts of keeping them happy while inflating bills or usage. How much do we check anyway?

Parenting is an art, it is a science, it is everything at once and nothing at the same time. Some of the parenting techniques can be learnt, though most of it comes from within. It is a secret handed down from one generation to another and so “defective products must be blamed on the manufacturers and not the product”. Belittling a parent child- relationship like this was annoying, even more so when the product being hawked is a mobile plan.

That one moment when I held my daughter for the first time, I automatically was given along with her the skills I needed to take care of her. In these few years I know what my daughter needs and the difference between her playacting and scamming. I know when I should indulge her into being fooled and when I should put my foot down. There are so many more things that I know about daughters and families in general, but the folks behind the ad seem to be oblivious of all these, as much as they are oblivious that their clients are not stupid.

The punchline “Be nice to your dad, it’s the only way to get him to share his postpaid plan with you. “ must have been written by a seriously mentally and socially challenged individual.