Thursday, August 21, 2014

I lost weight! Ask me how

You may have seen this badge worn by folks and you may have fallen for the weight loss product that the badge wearer is selling.  Chances are that the product may have worked a little for you; chances are that it may not have but the person who sold it to you has definitely become a little richer off you.

I am no expert on these magic formulae that will guarantee that you lose weight but I do know that there is a way to lose weight and if you were to walk up to me ask me how just like the gentleman who has been noticing me for over a few months now and observing the changes in me over the past few months did today, I will be glad to share. (I guess I do look lighter than I did in March and so I guess I don’t need to wear a badge.)

Weight loss is not a rocket science. It comes down to a few simple things that everyone knows and yet they tend to look for the magic formula. Weight loss happens by burning fat and by responsible eating. I have shared posts on both but since people keep asking me the same question I understand that not many have read my blog! I will  therefore share my experiences again.

The first step in weight loss is to start. Start doing some physical activity that has been ignored for long. The challenge is to pick something that one will enjoy doing, be it walking, running, swimming, cycling, playing a sport like badminton, the list goes on. Boredom and fatigue can be great barriers to physical activity so if you can join some like-minded friends it gets a little easier and definitely more fun.

People tend to believe that they can starve themselves to weight loss; it may actually work for a little bit but consider this can a car run without fuel? The body requires fuel to function normally and if you are making your body do a new physical activity without the fuel then there will be a break down. The body will require nourishment and this nourishment should be healthy and measured. Some small changes like cutting down on sugar and oil make a big difference. I have noticed the surprised reactions when I tell people that diets need not be severe but smart. You will be surprised how much of weight loss starts from the mind

So here are some tips to better eating and NO it is not a diet plan:
  • Eat lesser, it may actually be enough. To make this easier let us say eat 75% of your normal helping, it can be easier when you break it down into the servings or pieces. For instance if the usual is 4 idlis, make it 3. It may seem insufficient but check it out it may just be enough

  • Avoid eating before the TV if you are not a conscious eater, by this I mean if you are not aware of what and how much is on your plate then eating before the TV can make you overdo it

  •  Cheat your mind by changing your cutlery, use a smaller plate and fill it up. Have you noticed that tiny serving of sambar rice heaped in a small bowl in many hotels satisfy you often for lunch when on other days you may eat full meals in the same place?

  •  Reduce sugar, salt, oil. Simple but very effective. The challenge is not to avoid but reduce, again if it is two spoons of sugar in coffee and you have 3 cups a day do the math. You can start with a spoon a cup and you are down 50% and the effect will gradually show on your scales. Dump the French fries when you eat out, they neither taste good nor are they useful. Ask the friendly tea shop man to serve you tea and not the usual payasam that he serves to make you return to him 

  •  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and reduce red meat. Switch to lean meats or fish. Grill the fish instead of frying it.  

  • Dump the mass produced biscuits. Many people these days tend to swap a meal with a pack of biscuits, not good! Biscuits have excess fats, sugar and salt. One or two can suffice with coffee or tea it cannot and will not be a meal. You can try the “lite” biscuits, they may taste like sawdust initially but over time they grow on you. : ) 

  • Eat slowly and savour the food. Chew each mouthful and avoid washing it down with water. Usually we tend to overeat by eating fast. There is no fast in food. What is fast food is the speed they take to serve you. The more you take time to savour and chew the food the brain will send signals of satiation comparatively earlier which will not get lost in the TV you are watching or the paper you are reading. 

  • Drink lots of water. Water cleans the system and also reduces hunger pangs. It is the elixir of life.

The list of things that are part of smart eating goes on. These are some I have discovered and they have worked for me. They may work for you they may not. The challenge then is to start on the journey of discovery.

This post was inspired by the responses I got to a Facebook status I put up some time ago “Today someone asked me the reason for my weight loss and if I was taking any of the weight loss solutions. I think he was genuinely disappointed when I told him how I did it. “

I look forward to your responses as I will learn from them too.

Best wishes and Bon Appetit!!

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Chriz said...

i hope I put on weight.. but nice tips.. and I do drink lot of water.