Tuesday, August 05, 2014

CBC Tablog 2 - Madras Week Celebrations - One aspect I want to change about Chennai nee Madras

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If you do not know about CBC, Chennai Bloggers Club is simply the Most Happening Blogging Community of namma Chennai. This tablog is a group blogging activity where each blogger posts on one topic and passes the tag to the next. So here goes...

One aspect I want to change in Chennai? The list of changes can be long but I will stop with one phrase that should cover a few, “civic sense”.

So what then is civic sense? It can be
  •   A sense of taking pride in Chennai  and keeping it clean
  •   A sense of awareness that spitting or defecating in public is a nuisance and can be extremely disrespectful to others
  •   A sense of community living where sweeping ones garbage into the neighbour’s courtyard is avoided
  •   A sense of ownership of the utilities provided for community good and protecting and preserving them including metal manhole covers that get stolen regularly
  •   A sense of awareness that walls are private property and defacing them for commercial or political or even obituaries is extremely annoying and completely unwelcome
  •  A sense of responsibility that throwing stones on MTC buses the lifeline of the city or damaging them for any grievance will not help anyone including themselves
  •  A sense of duty to mother nature in saving the scanty green cover from the preying anti-socials
  •  A sense of outrage when well laid storm water drains are converted to free drainage systems by unscrupulous individuals
  •  A sense of despair when the pride of Chennai the Marina is hijacked by vendors and anti- socials who under the guise of livelihood deny a clean beach to the common man
  • A sense of quiet understanding that traffic rules are as much for personal safety and for the safety of the others around

The list goes on…

Civic sense is therefore how we care for our living spaces and our work places, having said that Chennai is the birthplace, living place, working place or even the final resting place for many of us…

I am very happy to pass on the baton to Kalyani Vijay,  an IT graduate, intuitive, a chocolate addict/craver, voracious reader/bibliophile (recently), an amateur blogger. She loves looking into anything and everything from something jocular to non-nonsense stuff. She started blogging slapdash, but now it has become a part her life (thanks to her love for reading/writing) https://kalyaniram.wordpress.com/ kalyaniram.wordpress.com

Picture courtesy: Google Images - Madras war cemetry


Susan Deborah said...

Dear Clement:

The tag was for ONE aspect and here you have given a list of aspects that you would like to change leaving a slim chance for other bloggers. Well, the list is impressive and well thought of. It shows your love and desire for the city to progress well.

Joy always,

mahesh said...

Clement you covered a number of issues under one umbrella - excellent!


Srilakshmi Indrasenan said...

Very clean summary of the various civic sense aspects! :)

Destination Infinity said...

How does one inspire civic sense in to people? That's the difficult thing. Mass media could be one thing, digital media could be another. But the exposure needs to reach the common man so that they at least think twice before dropping that paper on the road, next time.

I feel, each of us should personally set an example. That will inspire people around us, and they will inspire more.

Destination Infinity