Monday, March 24, 2014


I have started walking daily after so many broken resolutions. Actually I have completed the 21 days of habit forming schedule and so walking has become routine. Living in Anna Nagar with so many parks can be a blessing and with a park very close to home I have made it my morning haunt these days.
A worrying BMI, a family history of diabetes were some of the reasons for this walk routine but among them is my desire to complete a 10KM run in the next Chennai marathon. I remember completing the 5 KM run many years ago and never got around to it again since and each year I resolve to do it next year and this year it seems I will do it.

I always enjoyed running and mix my walk with short runs aiming to build up stamina before I go for the longer runs. Sadly I have not been able to find newbies like me in the neighbourhood as yet to train together. I realized among the many benefits of exercise is time with myself. The early morning cool breeze and just you pushing yourself to the next milestone is really therapeutic and the stillness of the hour works wonders. I actually started walking when I woke up with a splitting headache and on the spur of the moment I decided against popping a pill and stepped out. It was a decision that has stayed with me and the headache vanished that day.

The “me time” allows me to meditate if you can call it that since you feel at peace, you can hear your breathing, you feel at one with the environment around you at the early hour before the sun rise till you hear one annoying walker walking around with a mobile phone playing a bhajan on speaker. Do not get me wrong I do not object to his prayer but I do wish that he use a pair of headphones. The other annoyance is the world changing gentlemen loudly debating politics and everything under the sun so loudly that they wake up the sleeping crows which start cawing intermittently. Even these can be pardoned till you hear a mobile phone ringing and you are treated to a never ending phone call.

Despite the many irritants it has been a good effort and if I stick at it I should complete the 10 KM run this year. If you happen to see me at that time and you see me fitter than before you will know why.

Opening song courtesy Youtube from a bad I enjoyed back then
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Anonymous said...

Boss, Namma Ganesh and Sulaiman completed half medical seminar in their walk in Tower park. Hope you push your limits and do a 10K soon.

All the best wishes :)