Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's that you are wearing?

One thing that has never failed to amuse me is a blue tooth headset or ear piece if you prefer for mobile phones. This humble gadget has moved on from a simple communication accessory to a fashion accessory. You see men (usually) pairing it with anything and everything; anytime and every time. Not sure any other accessory has been so cool. Though you see people more likely to be using and wandering around animatedly conversing with the use of the ugly wires crisscrossing them the wire free version has its own set of admirers.

These admirers love their ear pieces so much and attach so much value to it, they can be seldom seen without it, be it the theatre or the church.  As I had posted earlier about mobile etiquette or the lack of it in a great number of mobile users this combination of etiquette less user with a blue tooth head set can lead to some unpleasant instances. For instance in a hospital when someone promptly starts talking loudly apparently to himself before puzzled bystanders who fail to notice the tiny gadget under the long locks of hair. This can be very worrying if the conversation becomes an argument and abuses flow.

The headset everywhere types also wander everywhere with a head set clipped on making me wonder if it is the fear of losing the earpiece. Remember Santanam aka Kaatupoochi in the Siruthai movie? It looks very funny actually if you ignore the utility of it all. I mean seriously, do you keep the mobile phone on your ear even after the call is over or the headphones on the head after the song is over? You do? Then this post ends here for you. Thank you and Goodbye. If you are still reading I would like to believe you are among those who hangs up after the call and keeps the device away unless you are in the car. (Talking using headphones while driving IS a crime).

So is it wrong to not take off the ear piece? I don’t know. Do you?

Is it worth writing a post about? I suppose so and I guess you will agree too since you have come so far.

You have a different point of view? Please leave a comment; I would love to hear it too.

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Susan Deborah said...

I guess men sometimes like jewellery but cannot wear the same and hence resort to wearing the blue-tooth gear almost everywhere. and as for women, they get used to anything that comes as an accessory, so . . .

Joy always,