Thursday, October 24, 2013

The start...

I had posted about this earlier and I mentioned that the colour of my hand will probably be in the hands of my daughter and so far she has not noticed it. But others tend to notice.

The other day as I was taking a lift along with the family the lift operator kept looking at me. I did not realize its significance till he tells the wife “Akka, anna has got a nice hair style, I like it”. This was a first and even before I could flash a triumphant look at D came the rejoinder “avar style thala madhiri irukku” in case you missed that it translates to “his style looks like head”.  Well it translates that way but it means that the hairstyle looks like that of an actor who goes by the title of “thala”.

I suppose that is enough said on the topic. But I do take offense just because I trail a decade or so in age to “thala” does not mean that I follow his style. I started greying when I was 18 years old. I am nevertheless very happy that a public figure is not shying away from flaunting his greys. When I got home my eyes fell on a hair colour kit that lay open and mercifully unused, it is not often you get a comparison unfair or not with someone who tends to get the pulses of the fairer sex racing and even if the leader of many young men.

Secretly I am thankful that D has let the kit be as one hero is being compared to another hero of hers, whichever way you look at it and since she likes them both… Incidentally my short cropped hair cut was frowned upon when I first released on D as it did tend to highlight the greys. Today I look forward to my next visit for “thala mela vela”.

Incidentally I usually used to refer to the actor as “thalavali” unfairly just because of one movie called RED. If you have seen that movie you may actually forgive me for it even if you are a fan.

P.S. By now you would have figured out the story behind the title of this post, if you are still wondering, watch this

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