Friday, July 26, 2013


A woman on two wheels may be a new symbol of empowerment and I am happy for them. But for some women the road is not the place to be especially on their set of two wheels. Do not think that I am prejudiced or that I am sexist I am simply frustrated that these women are on the roads endangering everyone.

A few types of women who should not be there:

-      The one in high spirits: You know when a person is high; one of the symptoms can be that the person will not be able to walk in a straight line. Hold that thought and extend it to a woman in front of you on a 100cc odd powered vehicle starting from point A and proceeding to point wherever at an acute angle without bothering about the vehicles behind. Should not somebody tell them that the two shiny things on the bike are not vanity mirrors?

-      The one who is always right: These women are always on the right and that is a good thing except when you are on the road and common sense tells you that the slower vehicles are on the left. Yes they are extremely slow which is good but they occupy the stretch of the road not allowing a faster vehicle to move ahead and lead a procession of irate drivers behind

-      The one who is always grounded: these are the women who are always grounded even when they are on the vehicle, the rarely take their feet of the ground and consequently they may end up at times as those on the right going slow or even on the left slow till they decide that the run way has ended and it is time to take off and retract the landing gear

-      The one who is blind: the most dangerous of the lot who cannot see traffic lights, cannot see oncoming traffic, in short have an acute visibility problem. They are the equivalent of unguided missiles with a malfunctioning guidance system, you never know where they will hit and best avoided.

-      The loving mother: this is the loving mother who with her child in tow will drive on any side of the road, usually the wrong side to drop her child to school on time. Somebody told me that the teaching of the child at home is usually done by the mother as the father is not there or does not teach. Sigh.

Are men any better? No, many are not, but that will be another post.

Are all women bad drivers? Most definitely not. I know women who are really good drivers and I always wish they could spread their skills to others. Till then I will be very vary when I see a woman on two wheels.

Is there a solution for this? I suppose there is an opportunity for an entrepreneur to start a driving school for two wheelers for women. Men will most probably decline because they are men.

P.S. The title expand to women on wheels
p.p.s My wife drives too and the general opinion is that she is too fast

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Ravi said...

Why we always start with a disclaimer when we write about women ?

Muthiah sriram said...

true .very true