Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Small joys in life...

Life is beautiful because of the little things that we often overlook or take for granted. One such that spurred this post is my daily drive to school with my daughter. That half hour or so was not planned but it turned out that having settled for a school of our choice which was quite some distance away and not having enough occupants for a van it became a part of my daily routine when I am in the city.

So what makes a school commute so special?

·         Probably it is because it is new only a month or so old

·         Probably it is because the drive is relatively smooth considering I leave by 8.15 am

·         Probably it is because I reach office nearly an hour earlier than usual and so I am fresh and ready for the daily work earlier than usual

·         Probably it is because I get to spend more time with my daughter

·         Probably it is because my daughter is happy to tell me stories of so many things which she would not have otherwise

·         Probably it is because it has brought greater discipline to my daily schedule as my office may be flexible but her school is not

·         Probably it is because this has taught me lot more about parenting than before since I get my daughter ready and to school

·         Probably it is because I am able to share some of the work of my wife who is still finding her feet around her new job

·         Probably it is because I do not want her to go to school like many others in the title picture

I still wonder what makes it special that I look forward to it every day, but as with all things good or bad this too will pass. One day my daughter will be independent enough to get ready on her own, shun my terrible attempts to get her hair into some level of acceptability or style and go on her own to school, till that day I must live the moment and delight in it.


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