Sunday, June 02, 2013

What goes around, comes around

I love road trips for family outings especially for short out of town breaks. I did one trip to Coorg last year and last month I did one to Munnar. As usual I got the car serviced, asked for the brakes to be checked, tyre topped up with N2 and we left. As we worled this trip around a a wedding in Palakkad we took a circuitous route which was nevertheless very adventurous as we drove through a sanctuary for a major part of the journey from Palakkad.

As we were ascending for most of the journey we encountered speeding vehicles on the other side, sometimes forcing me off the road and considering that there were no boundary walls and usually a deep drop off the other side made it slightly uncomfortable. Around 20 odd kilometres before Munnar I was forced off the road yet again and this time I had a flat from a sharp stone. It is for such instances I have become a convert to N2, the tyre did not deflate instantly as the gas is inert but we needed to change the spare.

Fortunately we were close to a viewing point for tourists and so there were some shops and a few vehicles close to where we stopped. Since I had changed the spare earlier I took the jack and searched for the wheel spanner and it was missing. D and my father in law went to the shops and the vehicles and asked for help but they did not have the right size. My father in law managed to find a phone and reached a mechanic who was around 40 minutes away. So with no other option I resigned myself to a long wait.

Just then one of the vehicles came and stopped towards us and it was a vehicle from Chennai. They managed to get a wheel spanner of my size and they brought it for us. Three men from the vehicle got down and promptly changed my tyre and brushed away all our thanks. My father in law thought he can give them some money for their effort but they refused and one person told me “You would have helped someone somewhere that is why we are here to help you, have a safe journey”. My faith in humanity was affirmed and I realized that some of the best people in the world come from namma Chennai.

I left that place and I remembered this verse – Matthew 6: 3-4.

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Lakshmi said...

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God Bless those people :)

Keep smiling,

Akash Govindarajan said...

Glad your problem was solved :)