Monday, June 03, 2013

Traffic woes that never end

Mount Road is a motorist’s nightmare. I will rephrase that, Mount Road is a rule abiding and disciplined motorist’s nightmare. You simply do not know what to expect on that road. You will encounter traffic from all sides even from roads which are meant to be one-way only and it is disheartening to see traffic police standing helplessly at the lawlessness before them.

Disciplined and orderly driving will ensure that all can reach their destinations but our short cut loving people throw all caution to the wind and make every attempt to save time by driving wherever they please. The Metro Rail has exposed the ugly side of Chennai and I am not talking about the piles of rubbish strewn everywhere but the attitude of the people who break rules. In my earlier post I was heartened by the good folks of Chennai sadly the good folks are painted black by the black sheep.

The attempted bus road system on Mount Road fell flat because of the opposition of the local residents who were denied access to their homes and workplaces but it got worse by the idiots who kept creeping into the lanes till the police gave up and let them go. So now bus journeys on Mount Road get longer as the buses jostle with every other vehicle for space. A good attempt at improving public transport got consigned to the dustbin.

When the majority drive with some semblance of order there will always be one idiot who will jump the lane or drive on the wrong side or jump a signal which will spur many other copycats to do likewise. What makes this more painful to see is when the idiot with either drive a vehicle marked with “G” or “POLICE”. It seems to be a cruel joke to expect anything better from these people.

Metro may improve things or for want of parking spaces be a white elephant like the other MRTS which is a monumental example of poor planning and a colossal waste of public money. During my visit to Paris I was impressed how different train systems are interlinked and it is quite a breeze to travel around the city even for a visitor like me. Sadly in Chennai we have to make do with the inadequate public transport or use the expensive personal transport and grin and bear every time an idiot crosses you.
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Anonymous said...

yes, it happens. It is indeed a nightmare.
Liked your post...