Saturday, June 08, 2013

Soodhu Kavvum - fun.

This is a very late review and by now the word on the movie has ensured that the theatres are full even a month after the release.  The movie is a winner and I was genuinely puzzled by the reactions of the kids who were there in the movie cheering loudly at the interval. Not sure if it was the reaction to the snacks or the movie itself.

The trend of making different movies with new actors and depending on a good story and screen play ensures that people go to the theatre with zero to sky high expectations and often come back happy. This is one such movie eliciting laughs from genuinely funny moments avoiding slap stick and enjoyable underplayed acting. The cute and hot heroine (is she one?) and her role is another brilliant touch but she was missed after the interval.

The scrupulously clean politician and his family are brilliant characters and as the climax unfolds you smile and wince at the state of the nation and politics. The twists at the end make an almost predictable ending fun but I was disappointed with the role of the super cop, I expected more than just beating up the suspects, would have loved it if they had shown him cracking the case but his exit was very funny.

The back ground score is interesting and the songs are different and seem to be quite popular including the trouser or is it tousar? My schedule did not permit me to watch this movie earlier and I since do not watch movies on CD a delay in bringing out this post which is not a review. For a review you can check out one from an expert I follow. If you have not watched this movie, you should do so. It is an enjoyable ride.


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